Clearlight Sanctuary 4 — Four Person Full Spectrum Corner Sauna

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Full Spectrum Far Infrared Canadian Cedarwood Corner Cabin Sauna

The Clearlight Sanctuary 4 Corner Sauna couples high quality manufacture, innovation and a distinct design aesthetic. This creates a luxurious, spacious and open feel.

Full spectrum FAR infrared heaters ensure this sauna offers therapeutic levels of all infrared wavelengths - near, mid and far. This will relax, heal and invigorate during your sauna session. These luxury Canadian Cedarwood cabin saunas made from eco-certified wood.

The Sanctuary range includes a state of the art digital sauna control which works in conjunction with a tablet/smartphone app to give you the ability to control your sauna remotely.


  • Hybrid Carbon & Ceramic FAR infrared heaters + True Wave II Full Spectrum Infrared heaters
  • High output of healing FAR infrared wavelengths (± 9.4 microns)
  • 360° heat to surround your core
  • Medical Grade Chromotherapy with 96 LED lights
  • Low EMF & ELF
  • Eco-certified grade “A” Canadian Cedarwood
  • 100% non toxic materials
  • Easy to use Digital Control
  • Remote App to control using your phone or tablet
  • Connect to built in speakers with bluetooth or AUX
  • Easy in-home assembly
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Capacity: 4 person


Technical Details

Exterior Dimensions 180 (Back walls) x 97 (Sides) x 119 (front) x 196cm
Interior Dimensions 173 x 173 x 180 cm
Bench Dimensions (x2) 168 x 56 cm
Weight 290 kg
Power Source The Sanctuary 4 plugs into any standard wall outlet.
Voltage 220 – 240V/50Hz, 3,220 Watts, 14 Amps
Heater Technology
True Wave Far Infrared + True Wave Full Spectrum Heaters
Medical Grade Chromotherapy with 96 LED lights
Mobile / Tablet App
iOS/Android app control
Capacity 4 Person
Additional Information
Wood Type
Eco-certified Canadian Cedar Wood
Cost to Run
Averages 70p per sauna session (30-60 minutes)
Useful Downloads
User Manual (1.2 MB) Click to download


What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is the science of using wavelengths of color light to affect your body and mind for improved health and wellbeing. Clearlight Premier Saunas include Standard Chromotherapy with 15 LED Lights. Clearlight Sanctuary Saunas include Medical Grade Chromotherapy lighting with 96 LED Lights.

How long does it take to assemble the sauna?

It takes 1 – 3 hours depending on which sauna model you have. The heaters are already attached to the walls, so you just need to slot the walls, floor and roof parts into place. The sauna is pre-wired so you will need to connect some cables and then it’s ready to plug into a standard plug socket. You can download the assembly and user manual here.

What tools are needed?

For our Essential and Premier ranges you’ll need a screwdriver to attached the doorknob, but that’s it! For the Sanctuary saunas, you’ll need an Allen key, which we provide.

How much electricity does it use?

Most people will have a sauna session for between 30 – 60 minutes which costs on average 70p per sauna session. These saunas are energy efficient to run.

How heavy is it?

The sauna weighs 290kg.

How safe are the saunas?

Infrared is very safe, it is used to keep newborn babies warm in hospital. The Clearlight saunas have been tested for low EMF and ELF so are very safe to use.

Whats the difference between the Premiere and Sanctuary Range?

The Clearlight Sanctuary is a luxury sauna which uses Full Spectrum Infrared (Near, Mid and Far), Canadian Cedarwood and Medical Grade Chromotherapy. The Clearlight Premier ranges uses Far Infrared heater technology, grade 'A' Cedarwood and standard Chromotherapy with 15 LED Lights.

What are the benefits of Near, Mid and Far Infrared light therapy?

Far Infrared waves produce detoxification benefits because of the resonant frequency they have with the water molecules in our bodies. Near and mid infrared waves are linked with skin rejuvenation and muscle relaxation, and they are able to penetrate more deeply and raise core body temperature more quickly.

Clearlight Far Infrared heaters produce long wavelengths at around 10 microns. The human body emits on average, infrared at around 9 - 11 microns. When the wavelength comes in at 9 - 10 microns, it’s a 'resonant frequency,' which means it’s the same frequency as our bodies. This is due to the fact that our body is mainly water (70%) and the resonance frequency of water is at 9.4 microns. It feels familiar to the body, and is more readily absorbed, which is why it’s known as a ‘healing wavelength.’ With combining carbon and ceramic you get the best out of both materials: perfect resonance wavelengths with a high intensity.

Clearlight Full Spectrum saunas offer the full spectrum of infrared therapy, so you can experience the health benefits of Near, Mid and Far infrared therapy. These saunas use two variably controlled front Full Spectrum heaters that are 500 watts each. By doing this, you experience exceptional infrared heat to the front of your body in the intensity you choose. The share of our full spectrum heaters is 1/3 near infrared heat, 1/3 mid infrared heat and 1/3 far infrared heat. Near infrared waves are particularly good for skin, wound healing and immune function; Mid infrared waves are linked with muscle relaxation and increased circulation. The addition of the Near and Mid infrared waves with Far Infrared boosts the speed and effectiveness of the infrared therapy by about 15-20%.

What is the current lead time for Clearlight Saunas?

Please get in touch with us at and we will let you know the latest lead time.

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