Established to help protect people from the ever-increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation in our environment, EMFields create high-quality EMF measuring equipment, making it easy to monitor the levels of EMFs in your space. Try EMFields handy Acousticom 2 EMF Meter for an easy way to stay on top of EMFs at home.


YSHIELD® develop and produce proven products for shielding electromagnetic fields. From breathable, solvent free shielding paint to innovative mesh textiles for use as protective coverings, browse our curated edit of shielding products and guard your space against 5G, Wi-Fi and other wireless signals.

Satic USA

Using technology developed by NASA, Satic’s modern energy management systems provide clean power, reduce EMFs, filter harmonics and provide phase correction, making your electricity more efficient. Greater efficiency and less energy consumption are not only better for the environment, they usually result in cost savings on your utility bills too.

Other EMF Devices


Waveguard design, engineer and manufacture their pioneering EMF devices in Germany. The range spans portable devices to pop in your pocket or car, handy-sized options ideal for placing on your desk or bedside table, and larger versions to cover your whole house or entire office.