Blue Light

3 Ways to Harness the Healing Power of Heat and Light

In a season where natural sunshine and warmth are wanting, how can you use light and heat to boost your vitality? Here's how to harness the healing power of these potent resources this winter.

The Conscious Spaces Sleep Easy Routine

Discover the tried and tested, hour-by-hour, nightly wind-down routine that will make drifting off (and staying asleep) an absolute dream.

Make Your Work Space as Productive as Possible With These 8 Expert Tips

Discover our 8 tried and tested tips to help you create a calm and productive workspace that works for you.

The Parent’s Guide to Reducing Screen Time (and what to do with your kids instead)

From how to create daily structure to which screen time rules to enforce, discover tons of practical tips and helpful advice.

Screen Time for Children: Time Well Spent or a Drain on Brain Capacity & Sleep?

Our children are increasingly fixated by screens, but what is all this screen-worship really doing to their health?

Lights out: is the blue light from our digital devices really doing us damage?

We need to regain balance when it comes to how we use our digital devices. We’ve rounded up the best advice on how to limit screen time and tackle blue light.

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