Good Vibrations: How frequencies hold the key to life

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." – Nikola Tesla

The invisible signals sent by networks of fungi in a forest. The changes in atmosphere that cause animals to head for higher ground hours before an earthquake strikes. The hypnotic beat of a drum, reverberating through your body. The song of the blue whale, travelling through 10,000 miles of ocean.…all these seemingly random threads – and endless others – are in fact linked, by energy, vibrating at various frequencies…


Everything is energy

"The universe is energy. Vibrational energy,” explains David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., in his book, Power Vs. Force. “All energy vibrates. All matter is energy that has slowed down enough so that we can see it and touch it." 

Even objects that appear still and solid are in fact in constant, undetectable motion – pulsating with energy which is oscillating and resonating at different frequencies.[1] 

When we learn to harness energy, frequency and vibration, says Hawkins, “we can create anything we desire.”


Nicola Tesla

How Nikola Tesla harnessed energy

Legendary inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla understood the fundamental nature of frequency over a century ago. “Everything is a vibration,” he wrote. "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

Best known for his work creating the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system, Nikola Tesla’s name lives on in the eponymous electric car company and the term for the unit (‘Teslas’) used to measure the strength of magnetic fields.

Tesla was a master at harnessing energy from sources other than fossil fuels, developing AC generation and transmission technology, electric meters, experimenting with X-rays and giving demonstrations of short-range radio communication. Tesla also partnered with General Electric to install AC generators at Niagara Falls, creating the first modern power station.[2]


Feel the rhythm

If, as Nikola Tesla knew, “all life exists within a sea of vibration,” then “rhythm is fundamental to all of life,” writes biophysicist and researcher David Muehsam.[3]

From lunar to seasonal, solar to diurnal, life on Earth plays out within a “symphony of rhythms,” says Muehsam, ebbing and flowing, waxing and waning. And, “as life evolved amidst these natural rhythms, they were integrated into many basic human biological responses,” such as women’s monthly cycles mirroring the moon or circadian phases governing sleep patterns. Rhythms can also affect our moods and attitudes, depending on whether we are going with or against the natural flow.


Your own body is a living, vibrating energy field

Once you understand that everything is vibrational energy, affected by infinite rhythms, you quickly realise that this includes you, and your body. You are, quite literally, a living energy field, endlessly vibrating.

While we might be able to hear, feel or measure some physiological rhythms like heartbeats or breathing rates, there are much more minute vibrations occurring throughout your body. These nano vibrations, like the molecules vibrating inside each of your cells, generate electromagnetic energy waves. And electrical and magnetic energy is thought to stimulate different chemical processes in the body.

“We’re both surrounded by our own personal force field, and the insides of our bodies contain electrical generators, which they use to send signals through our body,” says Doctor of Physics Jack Fraser.  “Virtually every single process which is keeping you alive can be traced back to an electric field that some component of your body is creating.”


Riding the waves of human consciousness

We know that certain feelings can affect physical processes,[4] with a substantial body of research demonstrating “the fundamental interconnectedness of mind and emotion, brain and heart rhythms.”[5]

For example, anxious thoughts can trigger the release of stress hormones and cause your heart to beat faster and your breath to become shallow, while a happy and relaxed state of mind brings about deeper breathing and a slower heart rate. But could our emotions also create vibrational waves of their own, which transmit energy out into the world at a specific frequency?

Over the last twenty years, German neurophysiologist Pascal Fries has explored[6] how “various electrical patterns, specifically, gamma, theta and beta waves, work together in the brain to produce the various types of human consciousness,” writes author and academic Tamlyn Hunt.[7]

“These names refer to the speed of electrical oscillations in the various brain regions, as measured by electrodes placed on the outside of the skull,” Tamlyn explains. “the three work together to produce, or at least facilitate (the exact relationship between electrical brain patterns and consciousness is still very much up for debate), various types of human consciousness.”

According to content platform Gaia, delta, theta, alpha and beta waves each resonate with a unique aspect of human consciousness:

  • Delta Waves (0.5 to 4 Hz): Associated with deep, dreamless sleep and regeneration.
  • Theta Waves (4 to 8 Hz): Associated with REM sleep, meditation, creativity, and deep relaxation.
  • Alpha Waves (8 to 14 Hz): Associated with relaxed, calm, not thinking states, and pre-sleep/pre-waking states.
  • Beta Waves (14 to 30 Hz): Associated with active thinking, active attention, focus, and problem-solving.

This begs the question - if we could tune into, focus on or amplify these different waves - through music, sound, nature or electromagnetic energy, for example - could we sleep more soundly, feel less anxious, concentrate better - or help to heal whatever our personal ailment might be?


Channelling thoughts to change vibrational energy

Proponents of vibrational medicine and energy healing believe that certain positive emotions, like love and joy vibrate at a higher rate, while negative feelings, such as fear, anger and hatred, create low frequency vibrations. 

Vibrational energy practitioners also believe it’s possible to change your body’s vibrations by changing your way of thinking – speeding up or slowing down cellular and atomic vibrations by altering your thoughts or behaviour (and vice versa, improving mood, health and even realising dreams or ambitions by changing bodily nano vibrations).

In a new article series, we’re going to be exploring how the latest research shows that vibrations of various kinds – from sound to electromagnetic and those found in plant and animal life – can affect our health and wellbeing; and how they can be harnessed and affected to encourage healing, happiness and growth. We hope you’ll join us for the ride, and pick up on those good vibrations…












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