Discover how cold-water swimming is proven to bring a series of brilliant health benefits, from boosted 'happy hormones' to reduced stress levels, relief from chronic pain and even a possible delay in the onset of dementia.

My Conscious Space: A peek inside Tara and Darren Williams’ health-enhancing home

How the couple turned a Cornish cottage into an uplifting sanctuary and incorporated innovative, wellbeing-boosting products to their home.

13 Powerful Healing Supplements to Protect Against the Effects of EMFs

Discover how to supplement your diet with targeted nutritional support to help reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation.  

25 Science-Backed Ways to Support Your Gut Microbiome: PART 1

We reveal 25 of the best, research-backed ways you can nourish and support your gut microbiome – starting today.

The Dirty Truth About Tap Water

Water is essential to life. Its health benefits are so myriad, that it’s almost impossible to overstate just how good H2O is for us. But what happens if the water that’s available to us isn’t as sparklingly fresh as it first appears?

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