Mudita Pure: Your Minimalist Phone

Modern take on a classic phone. Enjoy no distractions, an E Ink display, ultralow SAR value and the features you need.

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Mobile phones. They started out innocently enough; reassuringly sturdy, with a tiny pixelated screen, a battery that would last all week and a smattering of ring tones. Offering up tantalising new freedoms and flexibility, they became a vital tool to keep us connected with our nearest and dearest – even when thousands of miles from home.

Soon though, the mobile phone evolved into the smart phone; linked to the internet and with a whole host of shiny new apps to boot. Whilst ushering in unprecedented levels of connectivity and convenience, the novelty of having continual access to the web increasingly began to encroach on our free time; hammering our attention spans in the process.

As mobile phone technology has advanced, so have our stress levels. Supposedly urgent notifications ping away incessantly, social media compels us to compare our lives with others’, and the disruptive blue light of our phone screens wreaks havoc on our ability to rest and relax.

But there is a solution, and it comes in the form of the Mudita Pure; a phone built with health and wellbeing in mind.

Proposing a new, simpler way to stay connected; the Mudita Pure allows you to enjoy life to the full – offline. Focusing only on the features you need - like global network coverage and long battery life - whilst removing the unnecessary extras, the Mudita relieves you of unwanted distractions.

Sleek and streamlined in both form and functionality, the minimalist Mudita is beautifully light and comfortable to hold; inspired by the feel of a smooth pebble in the palm. Soft buttons are intuitive and easy to use.

With an innovative, warm-toned screen, the Mudita’s E-ink display is free from blue light emissions, making reading more natural and helping you to maintain heathy sleep patterns.

Fitted with a patented antenna, the Mudita also has an ultra-low Specific Absorption Rate (or SAR – meaning the rate at which energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency electromagnetic field).

Designed and developed in Europe, every last detail of the Mudita has been carefully considered. A Harman Speaker gives high quality and natural sound, whilst two nano SIM slots enable switching between cards on the go.

    Unplugged from the internet, the Mudita lets you reclaim your life. By freeing you from mindless apps and allowing you to respond to messages on your own terms, the Mudita allows you to feel more present, focused and in control. It even comes with an inbuilt mediation timer; honouring, rather than abusing, our essential need to switch off and relax.

    Channeling the Conscious Spaces ethos, the Mudita Pure shows how, when we use it efficiently, effectively, and consciously, technology can be a positive force to enhance our lives.

    "We’re so excited to support the Mudita phone Kickstarter campaign! We absolutely love this company’s commitment to its cause and forward-thinking approach. The Mudita phone is, without doubt, one of the most innovative products out there for reducing Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).
    Whilst we’re confident that the Mudita phone is effective at reducing SAR, we just want to note that this is exactly what it is designed for. What it's not designed for, is to address the specific effects of non-ionising radiation caused by mobile phones. With this in mind, we would still always recommend using speakerphone, or connecting to an air tube headset, in order to reduce the effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) wherever possible.”

    - Tara Williams, Conscious Spaces Founder

    Interested in learning more? Help make the Mudita Pure a reality and checkout the full project on Kickstarter.

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