EMF Survey - 5G / WIFI / EMF Mitigation Consultancy

"Reduce, Relieve and Re-Balance"

What is 5G / WIFI / EMF Mitigation Consultancy? 

EMFs (or electromagnetic fields) are invisible fields of energy radiated through space or materials at differing frequencies. 

Although we can’t see, hear or touch them, electromagnetic fields blanket our homes, schools, workplaces and public spaces. And with the exponential increase of wireless, EMF-emitting tech, the sea of EMF radiation that surrounds us is continually rising. 

With a growing body of scientific evidence to suggest that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation has detrimental biological effects, EMF Stress (or EHS – Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) is now a very real and often debilitating health issue – suffered by people across the world.

EMF Mitigation seeks to alleviate, reduce or – ideally – eliminate, the harmful effects of, and system-stress caused by EMF radiation. This could be through considering and changing the positioning of key EMF sources like Wi-Fi routers or smart meters, or introducing pioneering EMF-blocking technology to safeguard a space entirely.

How could it help you?

We are all, on some level – whether we recognise it as the cause or not - affected by EMF radiation, with scientifically verified symptoms ranging from disrupted sleep and increased stress and anxiety to fertility issues, memory problems and even - depending on the exposure and frequency levels -  a heightened risk of certain diseases.

EMF Mitigation aims to provide you and your family with a true sanctuary, free from EMFs, leaving you able to enjoy the relief of guaranteed protection from mobile phone radiation, Wi-Fi, electrical and electro-magnetic frequencies.

Reduce, Relieve and Re-Balance your environment

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