EMF Protection Products

Measure EMFs in your Home

To measure and monitor the levels of radio frequencies, magnetic fields, electric fields and dirty electricity in your space, you’ll need to take readings using an EMF meter.

Mitigate the effects of EMFs

Create a sanctuary from the harmful effects of EMFs, Wi-Fi and 5G with our proven protection devices. Our carefully curated range includes Waveguard’s world-leading, scientifically-proven and double-blind certified Qi devices for personal, home and business use – providing effective 5G/WIFI/EMF defence. View customer testimonials to see the life-changing impact these products have.

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Shield against EMFs

Shielding is the practice of blocking radiation using conductive barriers. From calming canopies for your bed to ultra-effective EMF-shielding paint, discover our range of protective products to shield you and your family from 5G, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity and other wireless signals.

Get cleaner electricity

Dirty electricity is a form of electrical pollution. Protect your home and family from electromagnetic radiation and get cleaner electricity flowing using Satic USA devices. These units filter harmonics, provide clean power and reduce EMFs.

Free EMF Protection E-Book

Free E-Book: How To Protect Yourself From 5G, WiFi And EMF

Conscious Spaces show you how to protect yourself from 5G, Wifi and EMFs in an exclusive free e-book.

EMF Protection Services

Conscious Spaces EMF Survey for your home or business

If you want a helping hand in understanding your meter readings and what steps you should take next, why not book in for a Conscious Spaces EMF Survey with a trained professional?

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