Clean Water Brands

Refreshing, revitalising, reinvigorating. Clean water is an essential element of everyday wellbeing.

Discover our pick of the finest brands making the most effective and easy-to-use water purification products around, and get fresher water flowing.

Clean Water Brands

Osmio Water Technology

Osmio gravity and reverse osmosis filters are some of the only models on the market to effectively remove fluoride from the water supply without needing additional filters. Choose from compact and portable counter-top filters, installed reverse osmosis filters, water distillers, and beautifully crafted glass gravity filters.

Centre for Implosion Research

The Centre for Implosion Research designs innovative water products based on the theories of Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger. Discover the natural way to energise your water at home with the Vortex Water Energiser, or preserve the health-giving properties of water with the handcrafted clay Water Egg.

Free EMF Protection E-Book

Free E-Book: How To Protect Yourself From 5G, WiFi And EMF

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EMF Protection Services

Conscious Spaces EMF Survey for your home or business

If you want a helping hand in understanding your meter readings and what steps you should take next, why not book in for a Conscious Spaces EMF Survey with a trained professional?