Why Infrared?

Infrared saunas are different from the traditional high-heat, high-humidity Finnish models. The air inside an infrared sauna is dry and the temperature much lower, so you get to enjoy longer sessions. Infrared allows your body to warm-up gently, maximising the glow-enhancing, injury-relieving, mood-boosting, metabolism-firing benefits.

Low-EMF Saunas

Relax in our low-EMF infrared saunas, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected from man-made electromagnetic frequencies. Crafted from special shielding material and featuring shielded power cords, 100% grounded internal wiring, and grounded metal bulb guards, our low-EMF saunas protect both your health and your peace of mind.

Indoor Saunas

How would you like a personal wellness sanctuary, to retreat to whenever you want? With our curated range of indoor infrared saunas, you get to enjoy all the benefits of natural thermal light therapy from the comfort of your own home. Bask in radiant warmth as often as you like, and freshen up in your own shower when you’re done.

Portable Saunas

Portability is not something people usually associate with a sauna. Yet each component of a SaunaSpace sauna – from the wooden stool to the canvas cover – is lightweight, so you can set it up in almost any location you choose. When you’re ready to get your glow on, simply turn your sauna on, jump in, and enjoy.

Outdoor Saunas

Bring the spa to your back garden with our pick of the best outdoor infrared saunas. From Clearlight’s full-spectrum model, crafted from Canadian cedarwood and built for two, to roomier cabins that fit the whole family, these durable designs can be enjoyed out in the elements, all year round.

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