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From ambient lighting for a restful night's sleep to a life-changing infrared sauna and an off-grid, gravity-fed water filter system, discover the must-have products the Conscious Spaces team swear by...

Tara's favourites

SaunaSpace Near Infrared Saunas

“We’ve had infrared saunas at home for years, but this EMF-free Faraday Sauna with its near incandescent full spectrum light is on another level. It penetrates with deeper intensity, properly detoxing and boosting energy levels. The full-body relaxation I feel inside this Faraday sauna is unmatched, thanks to the 5G shielding it provides. It’s also brilliant at relieving aches and pains, and really helped ease my fibromyalgia. Living through the wet, damp UK winters, being able to hop inside this healing cocoon of infrared heat and light is just incredible. It’s by far the most satisfying sauna experience I have found.”


“The Qi-Shield has quite honestly transformed my wellbeing, enabling me to function in high-EMF environments. With my portable Qi-Shield by my bedside, I can now travel to a tech-saturated city like London and actually get some sleep, whereas before I would’ve been dealing with insomnia, tinnitus, debilitating heart rate issues and headaches. Its calming effect is a revelation. I also love how the Qi Shield covers a wide enough area that it not only protects the body, but also creates a protective field in your immediate surroundings. For me, this device is a real game changer.”


Emma's favourites

"The TOCA No Signal Sleeve is one of my everyday must-haves. While my daughter and I are in the car, I put my phone inside the sleeve to protect us from the magnified effects of the electromagnetic radiation. I also find this sleeve really useful when I want to be digital-free. For example, on nice long walks in nature, I pop my phone in it and just enjoy the elements distraction-free and safe in the knowledge that I’m shielded from the EMFs my phone would otherwise emit. But I also have the comfort of knowing that if I need to use my phone to call for help, I can simply pull it out of the sleeve."


"I feel fortunate that we’re not on mains water at home – we have a private supply. However, in recent Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Tests, my daughter has shown high levels of heavy metals, which are most likely coming from our water source. So, I have invested in the Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter System, and can now relax, knowing that our drinking water is free from any nasties. It looks beautiful in our kitchen and was really straightforward to put together, is easy to clean and super easy to use. Plus, the replacement cartridges aren’t expensive and the filter functions off-grid, so I don't need to worry about electricity costs."


Darren's favourites

“It’s always great when you're researching new partners to find you've been using their product for years! This was the case with Fou Organic Furnishings. We already had their super-soft, anti-allergy, organic bedding at home long before starting Conscious Spaces, so it's great to now be able to offer it to our clients too."


“When people walk into our house, one of the first comments they make is “Wow, your house has a great feeling – it feels so peaceful.” We've followed the Conscious Spaces consultation process and we also have Waveguard Qi Home devices in various rooms. These really help with the noticeable feeling of calm. Even our plants appreciate them; the cheese plant next to one of our Qi Home devices has decided to grow towards the Qi Home instead of the window behind it! No wonder the studies show the beneficial impact these devices can have on human biology and water realignment."


Gerry's favourites

Blue Light Free Lighting & Bulbs

"The Bio Light is a brilliant, health-enhancing, all-rounder light bulb at an affordable price point. The day setting is perfect for working from home on darker winter days. Come evening, you can switch to the ambient setting for warmth and wind down and to ensure a good night's sleep. The low light setting is wonderfully gentle on tired eyes."


Vortex Water Energiser

“The Vortex Water Energiser is just a wonderful device to have in your home. Water tastes better and smoother, and watered house plants look happier and healthier."


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