Building Biology Consultancy

"Cultivating buildings free from pollutants, toxins and allergens"

What is Building Biology?

Founded in Germany and borne out of concerns over the detrimental effects of crumbling post-war housing on residents’ health, Building Biology is the comprehensive study of the ways in which man-made environments impact wellbeing.

Now a key area of international building science, Building Biology takes into account environmental factors, stressors and pollutants such as indoor air quality, water purity, exposure to EMFs, allergens and potentially toxic building materials when considering how our homes, offices and public spaces can affect our health.

Any recommendations made by a Building Biology practitioner are governed by the 25 guiding principles of this holistic science, which fall into the following groups: Site and Community Design, Occupant Health and Well-Being, Natural and Man-Made Electromagnetic Radiation Safety and Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility and Energy Efficiency.

How could Building Biology help you?:

If you live, work or study inside a building (which, let’s face it, most of us do!), then Building Biology is applicable to you.

Perhaps you suffer from asthma and want to rid yourself of the cause once and for all? Or maybe you’ve developed a sinus infection that just won’t budge, and want to get to the bottom of what it could be within your interior that’s triggering it?

Analysing, testing and transforming the spaces you inhabit based on the scientific principles of Building Biology could help you to enjoy a happier, healthier and more harmonious life, by ensuring an environment free from pollutants, toxins, hazards and allergens.

Free your environment from pollutants, toxins and allergens

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