Geomancy Consultancy

"Harness the earth’s energy for your benefit"

What is Geomancy?

Geomancy is a way of determining, understanding and harnessing the earth’s energy, and it has been around for thousands of years.

Priests, Druids and community leaders would traditionally ‘dowse’ land to locate the most beneficial and positively charged sites on which to build houses, wells, churches and other important public and spiritual spaces.

A dowsing rod, or divining rod is – in Albert Einstein’s words - “a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors”.

Geomancy works on the principle that we are powerfully connected with the environment we base ourselves in; and that the energy of this environment; known within Geomancy as ‘earth energy’, can have an effect – positive or negative - on our lives and wellbeing.

Negative earth energy is often called ‘Geopathic Stress’, and can arise from a disturbance in the Earth’s all-important electromagnetic field due to man-made or natural interruptions such as mines, quarries, fault lines and underground water courses.

How could Geomancy help you?

Rebalancing your dwelling’s environmental energy and clearing geopathic stressors using Geomancy is a great way to benefit your wellbeing and feel more attuned to, and at peace with, your surroundings.

If you’re suffering from persistent symptoms such as disturbed sleep, appetite loss or depression, which seem to be brought on or aggravated by the place where you live or work (maybe your problems only began after moving to a new home, or working in a new office, for example), then you could potentially be experiencing Geopathic Stress. Even if you’re not a GS sufferer, you may simply sense that something is ‘not quite right’ in the energy of a particular place.

Geomancy can tell you how ‘healthy’ the earth energy of the spaces you inhabit is. Perhaps you’re unwittingly living on top of a geological fault line or unknowingly sleeping above an underground water channel. Through the use of known healing tools, Geomancy can help you to identify, neutralise and, ideally, eliminate any negative earth energies that may be present.

Geomancy benefits can include:

  • Better, deeper, less disturbed sleep
  • Spaces feeling more tranquil and at peace
  • A physical and mental weight being lifted
  • Generally feeling less held back in life

Harness the earth’s energy for your benefit

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