EMF Protection

EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat


EMF Protection while you sleep with a bed mat providing EMF/WIFI/RF protection

These Bed Mats are made from BlocWifi, which is an innovative fabric possessing shielding qualities second to none. Providing 99.997% shielding effectiveness at 70 dB at 1 GHz, and when earthed, will reduce man-made electric fields.

When used in conjunction with the canopies, they provide greater protection from radio frequency radiation too, so you can rest assured that you are doing your best to protect your family from this pollution.

When earthed directly to the ground it connects to the earth’s natural frequencies known as the Shumann Resonance.

BlocWifi EMF Protection Material

BlocWifi is an excellent form of EMF protection. It can be used as a bed mat and is commonly used to secure against radio-frequency identification (RFID) fraud.

Typically, it completely removes dangerous night-time body voltage from your sleeping environment, ensuring another reversal of the modern world’s potentially disastrous effect on your nocturnal world. 

    EMF Protection bed mat sizes

    Single 100 x 200 x 155cm
    Double 140 x 200 x 165cm
    King 150 x 200 x 165cm
    Super King 180 x 200 x 165cm


    Will this create a Faraday cage?

    Yes – when coupled with one of our canopies, this Bed Mat will create a Faraday cage.

    Where do I put this Bed Mat?

    This mat goes under the bed so that the canopy touches it. It extends beyond the bed to provide the sleep solution seal.

    What is this Bed Mat made from?

    BlocWifi fabric is made from nickel, copper and polyester.

    Does it come with a warranty?

    Yes, two years like-for-like replacement subject to any issue not being ‘self-inflicted’, i.e. tears due to misuse or not following washing instructions.

    Can I return it?

    Yes, we offer ‘no-quibble’ returns within 30 days of purchase. Contact us for more info.

    Can This Canopy be Earthed?

    Yes, we recommend purchasing a grounding cable for this.

    Which EMF canopy should I get?

    We typically recommend the Blocsilver canopy as this is the new leader in terms of protection offered as well as being transparent and very breathable. 

     You'll need an EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat to go with the canopy to ensure you're protected from underneath. However, you do not need an EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat if you sleep on the ground floor and there is no wiring underneath your flooring.

     As well as the  EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat you'll also need a Powerline PLC HF Filter Grounding Kit. This includes: 1 x BlocEarth Filter, 1 x Grounding Cable and 2 x Grounding Screw. This kit ensures any ‘noise’ on the earth wire from smart meters, powerline adaptors and the like is filtered out and so cannot affect the canopy.

    Why should I order an EMF canopy from Conscious Spaces rather than from elsewhere?

    We only use products and materials that are high quality, high functioning, and that we absolutely love. Our EMF Canopy Bundle is a Conscious Spaces selected canopy kit with the best products and materials available in the UK today, in one easy-to-assemble set, with clear setup instructions.

    The canopy uses breathable fabrics and protects against high frequency radio waves and the current 5G signal as well as predicted increased 5G frequencies.

    High frequency radio waves (WLAN, mobile radio, LTE etc) that hit the canopy are reflected, while low frequency AC currents are diverted by the earthed connection. Importantly, the Powerline filter is required to remove any ‘contaminants’ on the grounded cable, which may otherwise turn the canopy into an antenna.

    The Canopy, combined with an EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat and Grounding Plates & Cables, provide an optimal shielded environment for sleep.

    Do I need to ground my EMF canopy?

    This depends on the canopy: the Blocsilver requires grounding, however the Swiss Shield does not. This is because the Swiss Shield fabric is not surface conductive and therefore will not require grounding. However, the Blocsilver fabric contains more silver and will therefore attract electric fields which once grounded are discharged.

    The Powerline PLC HF Filter Grounding Kit is perfect for grounding your EMF Blocsilver canopy.

    This kit includes: 1 x BlocEarth Filter, 1 x Grounding Cable and 2 x Grounding Screw. This kit ensures any ‘noise’ on the earth wire from smart meters, powerline adaptors and the like is filtered out and so cannot affect the canopy.

    How do I set up the Canopy, EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat and Powerline PLC HF Filter Grounding Kit?

    The EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat is made of one of the strongest protection materials from radiofrequency radiation (RFR) available in the world today but it does in almost every case need grounding/ earthing. When grounding is in place, the mat provides not only protection from RFR below, but equally importantly it protects from low frequency fields/EMFs that it would otherwise collect and radiate which would negate the health benefits received from the RFR reflection.It is therefore imperative that this product is earthed.

    Always ensure the EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat is spread out on the floor beneath the bed and covers as wide an area as possible which in turn will provide a complete seal when it connects with the draped canopy.

    The best way to earth the canopy and EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat is directly into the ground outside with the aid of a copper pipe, however, this is not always possible so the next best way to ground is with the Powerline PLC HF Filter Grounding Kit.

    Please remember to ensure your bed is at least six inches away from any wiring in the walls. If this is not possible, please use an on-demand switch, or better still: turn off the power to your bedroom at night time. 

    Please view these instructions with a common-sense attitude. If you have the type of fuse box that is easy to cut power to the bedroom, then always try to do that, but remember you should still use your under bed protection if you are above the ground floor to catch any RFR from the floor below.

    Where should the EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat be placed?

    The EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat should go on the floor underneath the bed. It is important to make sure the EMF Canopy touches the EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat all the way around.

    Will my mobile phone work inside the canopy? Can I use my mobile phone to test the frequencies?

    Your mobile phone will work in an EMF canopy however we strongly recommend you do not bring it into the canopy. This is because when you bring a mobile phone into an EMF shielded space the mobile phone becomes an EMF repeater which intensifies the EMF frequencies inside the canopy. This is due to your mobile working harder to boost the signal so it can connect to make calls / texts / access the internet. 

    For this same reason, it isn't accurate or appropriate to test for EMF frequencies inside the canopy using a mobile phone.

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