TOCA® No Signal Sleeve


The TOCA® No Signal Sleeve is a radiation free,  anti-surveillance phone case and smartphone sleeve that secures your data privacy.

This anti-radiation,  anti-surveillance, anti-distraction faraday cage designed to fit all standard smartphones. It is a very lightweight and easy to use sleeve that you can secure your phone in and then slip into your pocket, put into your bag or clip onto your belt.

There are many side effects of excessive smartphone use. The TOCA® No Signal Sleeve protects the human body from harmful radiation, secures privacy and helps against the constant distraction making you feel better when not using your phone.

Once your phone is inside the TOCA® No Signal case it protects your body from any radiation by blocking GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth NFC. It is claimed to be 100% radiation free & anti-surveillance.

When taking the phone out of the sleeve, the device will receive all the messages and missed calls notifications (the phone will not work in the sleeve - that is the point!).

The inner layer is created from certified German-made mesh of conductive material that blocks all signals

The outer layer is made of water resistant up-cycled parachute material.

The dimensions of the sleeve are: 24 cm x 10 cm.

When not in use the sleeve can be reduced to the size of a key chain by simply rolling it up!

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