SaunaSpace® Sauna Stool


A versatile seat for our saunas and general sitting around

Demand has increased fulfilment time on these handcrafted goods. Orders received today are taking 5-7 weeks to ship.

Nobody makes a stool this comfortable with a lifetime of reliable performance. Don’t be fooled by cheap flat-top alternatives; our human bottoms need curved comfort.

Pure creamy white with pink color notes. Sanded buttery-smooth. The top is 3D-contoured for serious comfort.

The leg panels click together and fit snugly into precise grooves in the seat, for convenient tool-free assembly. Take it apart for transport or storage.


  • Super-lightweight
  • Comfy 3D-contoured top
  • Robotic precision combined with our handcrafted touch
  • Zero VOC-rated
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 3-piece solid wood construction
  • Tool-free mortising assembly


Basswood is the best sauna wood: featherlight & zero VOC-rated, so it’s the hypoallergenic choice for those with acute chemical sensitivity concerns. Basswood is has a gentle grain pattern, with color notes of pink and cream. Sustainably harvested in North America.

Technical Details

Assembled Dimensions
Height 46 cm
Seat Width
36 cm
Leg Width
41 cm
3.8 kg
Weight Capacity
161 kg
Disassembled Dimensions
Length 41cm
36 cm
13 cm

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