Radic8 HEXTIO Air Filter & Air Steriliser


Hextio is the world’s most advanced air filter, air purifier and air steriliser for areas up to 20m- providing clean air for your family, home and workspace 

UK DELIVERY ONLY: Conscious Spaces are only able to fulfil orders of Hextio products within the UK. Orders placed for delivery outside of the UK will be refunded.

NOTE: The manufacturer Radic8 have gone through incredible global business growth and restructured their whole distributor network. The restructuring includes a pricing review for all devices - as such the retail price of the Hextio device has now increased to RRP £240 and may increase further.

Why Hextio?

Hextio’s clean-air reactor chamber technology eliminates 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria in a single air pass.

Sleek, compact and easy to use, the portable, ozone-free device also removes mould, allergens and chemical toxins – perfect for your home and workspace.

Using its advanced air filtration and sterilisation technology, the plug and play device provides clean, odourless air for rooms up to 20m².

Multiple HEXTIO units may be used throughout a home. Typically one device per room is recommended.

If you have a large open plan home then you may like to consider the Viruskiller VK401 which is suited to spaces up 60m². 

Hextio personal air steriliser

Designed for targeted protection of a single person in a smaller space, the stylish unit is great for desktops, bedside tables and small bathrooms. It can even be used on the go. The airflow hood directs air to surround you with a clean air cloud, while the travel pack (sold separately) is great for people always on the move.

Hextio Product Features

Reactor chamber technology

Hextio brings Radic8’s cutting-edge reactor chamber air cleaning technology – the highest-certified clean air tech in the world – into a small, affordable package perfect for the home or office. Most purifiers capture particles only as small as 0.3 microns. The Hextio goes beyond this by passing air through its patented reactor chamber.

UV light protection

Within the reactor chamber, high-powered UVC lamps are surrounded by a mesh of chromed nano titanium dioxide tube filters, polished with activated carbon. The UV light reacts with the mesh in a process call photocatalytic oxidation to produce hydroxyl radicals. These act as a disinfectant for the air, breaking down organic molecules, neutralising airborne viruses and providing a 99.9999% virus kill rate in single air pass.

99.9999% virus kill rate

The reactor chamber technology at the heart of Hextio has been independently verified to achieve a 99.9999% kill rate on the coronavirus family, and most recently the SARS-CoV-2 virus that leads to Covid-19, as well as influenza virus, poliovirus and adenovirus.

It has also been shown to achieve the same results when tested against bacteria including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Aspergillus niger.

Single pass air filtration

By reaching a 99.9999% virus kill rate in a single air pass, Radic8’s clean air technology provides pathogen-free air into the breathing space for real-time protection. Other systems that claim to kill airborne viruses require multiple air passes to eradicate them, meaning cross contamination is possible as viruses that remain in the filtered air are pushed back into the breathing zone.

Combined carbon & HEPA filter

The carbon & HEPA filter neutralises most gases and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for odourless air, and traps air particles as small as 0.3 microns such as dust, allergens and mould – great for those suffering from asthma or hayfever. What’s more, the filter is positioned for easy cleaning – any viruses or bacteria have been sterilised within the reactor chamber before the air reaches the filter, making it safe to handle.

Airflow control

Hextio is designed to draw exhaled air down, through the intake for filtering and sterilising, before sending sterilised air back into the breathing area. This laminar airflow pulls contaminated air away from the breathing area, replacing it with clean, fresh air. This process also reduces surface settlement of contaminants that pose a risk to touch.

Automatic air monitoring

The inbuilt sensor detects increased levels of pollution and automatically switches to turbo mode until the air quality is safe to breathe again, without any need for action from you.

Night mode

A super quiet night mode, with no indicator light, means you can leave it on while you sleep without any disturbance.

No ozone

No ozone is generated by Hextio. The UVC lamp is certified to work ozone-free for its entire recommended life.

Energy efficient

Hextio only uses 15W of power, so you can even use it with a 12V output power bank (sold separately) – great for mobile use.

Hextio product summary

• Independently verified technology
• Developed following South Korea’s 2003 SARS outbreak
• Deployed in more than 370,000 public spaces
• Filters dirty air, removing allergens, dust, dander, pollen and particulates
• Neutralises toxic air filled with VOCs, gases, smoke or fumes
• Sterilises sick air contaminated with viruses, bacteria, mould or fungi
• Reduces risk of airborne infection
• Reduces contaminant settlement on surfaces, reducing risk of infection through touch
• Perfect for young children, the elderly and infirm who are more susceptible to respiratory issues
• Helps control allergies and asthma to allow your immune system to develop a stronger response to viruses and contamination

Hextio product specification

Manufacturer Radic8
Country of origin South Korea
Model name Hextio
Dimensions 124 x 104 x 330mm
Colour White
Control Infrared remote control for reduced EMF exposure
Filtration Replaceable combined carbon & HEPA filter
Spare filter included Yes
Filter lifespan 4000 hours
Sterlisation UV light in patented reactor chamber
Reactor cell lifespan 8000 hours
UVC lamps 1 / 6W / 254nm
Titanium dioxide hexagon filters 10
Device lifespan 10 years
Maximum room size 20m² with a standard ceiling height of 2.4m
Power 15W
Power supply 240v mains adaptor (included)
240v power bank (optional accessory)
Plug type Universal adaptor plug, includes UK/USA/EU
Speeds 3
Noise 40-49dB
Airflow 12-20CFM
Product weight 1.2kg
Package weight 1.8kg
Installation Free standing
Accessories included Remote control
Directional airflow hood
Optional extras Travel bag
Replacement combined carbon & HEPA filter
Certification CE
Where can I buy replacement filters?

It is good practice to clean the carbon & HEPA filter once a month using a vacuum cleaner if necessary. It should be changed every 6 months. Conscious Spaces offers a replacement a filter pack.

Where can I buy replacement reactor cells?

These should be replaced after 8,000 hours use (11 months continuous runtime). Conscious Spaces offers replacement reactor modules.

Where can I buy optional extras?

Conscious Spaces offers the Hextio Travel Bag and the 12v Power Bank.

How is the technology tested?

Radic8’s patented reactor chamber technology undergoes frequent testing with leading laboratories, universities and bioaerosol experts to ensure its claims are backed by the best available experimental and real-world data. These tests have shown a 99.9999% kill rate of viruses killed, near 100% removal of bacteria, mould and fungi, the neutralisation of gases and VOCs, and highly effective trapping of particulates.

Which viruses, bacteria and gases have been tested?

Viruses tested include poliovirus, influenza, adenovirus, coronavirus DF2 (the same family as SARS-CoV-1) and SARS-CoV-2 (which leads to Covid-19) with no detection of these viruses after a single air pass. Bacteria tested include E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Aspergillus niger (black mould) again with no detection following a single air pass. Hazardous gases tested include Acetic acid, eradicated from the area within 30 minutes, and Acetaldehyde, eradicated within 2 hours.

Where can I view the Hextio manual?

Download the Hextio user guide here.

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