Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection

Product image 1Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection
Product image 2Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection
Product image 3Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection
Product image 4Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection
Product image 5Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection
Product image 6Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection
Product image 7Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection

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The Qi-Technologies Qi-Me™ EMF Protection devices use scientifically proven and certified technology to provide you with a personal sanctuary against damaging EMFs

The Qi-Me device uses the same technology as the larger Qi-Shield device which has been scientifically proven to provide EMF Protection tested using a double-blind study at the BION Institute and certified by globally renowned TÜV SÜD.

Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go. Including cell phone radiation, WiFi and other electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF).

The Qi-Me provides a 1m radius (2m diameter) of EMF protection . The Qi Me is safe for you, children and pets.

Lasts for up to 8 years on a single charge and can be re-charged after this time.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

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Double-Blind Study Proves EMF Protection

Certified by BION Institute for Protective Influence

In a double-blind study undertaken by; BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology Ltd., the Qi-Technologies Qi-Shield product demonstrated a protective influence against wireless radiation compared to the control groups. The Qi-Me uses the same technology as the Qi-Shield but on a smaller more mobile scale.
View BION Study & Certification


Globally Renowned Certification 

The Qi-Technologies Qi-Shield is certified by TÜV SÜD, providing a third-party endorsement by a globally renowned organisation. TÜV SÜD is a sign of quality assurance and safety in Germany which is globally recognised and respected as a trusted symbol of quality and safety. The Qi-Me product uses the same manufacturing techniques and the same technology on a smaller scale than the Qi-Shield. 
View TÜV SÜD Report & Certification


Technical Details

10.0 x 7.0 x 2.5 cm
About 200g
Walnut, Maple, Olive, Yew
Effective Protection Radius
Safe Distance to Technology
Time for Protective Field Effectiveness
After a Few Minutes
Power Source Comes charged. No electrical power or battery source needed.

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How does Qi-Tech protect from EMFs?

Unlike shielding (which is the practice of blocking radiation using conductive barriers), Qi-Technologies devices work to depolarise the EMFs that surround us.

EMFs are positively-charged ions that are able to penetrate our bodies at a cellular level. The coils within Qi-Tech devices emit negatively-charged electrons that depolarise these electrical charges (also called a ‘Radiation Protection Sphere’). The negatively-charged electrons emitted from your Qi-Tech device form a harmless coating over the skin - think of it as a bodysuit to protect you, as well as neutralising the positive charges in your surrounding environment. The electrons protect the body as soon as they adhere to your skin - in fact, touching the copper ring throughout the day will greatly enhance the effect (this is particularly useful for protection when using radiation-emitting devices like laptops and mobile phones).

For maximum protection, we would always recommend a combination of Qi-Technologies, shielding and lifestyle changes. 

You can read more about the science behind Qi-Technologies devices in our Product - The Science page.

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