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“Living naturally, without electric smog”

With the proliferation of wireless devices, ‘smart’ technology and the imminent rollout of invasive 5G mobile networks, the sea of EMF radiation that now surrounds us on a daily basis is growing.

With a significant body of scientific evidence (1) showing that prolonged exposure to EMF radiation is bad for our health, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, or EHS for short, is a very real issue - increasingly experienced by people throughout the world.

Now, there’s a revolutionary new range of certified products that promises to provide protection against the harmful effects of EMF radiation, made by pioneering German company Qi-Technologies – and the good news is, they’re all available to buy in the Conscious Spaces Shop

Double-Blind Study Proves EMF Protection

Certified by BION Institute for Protective Influence

In a double-blind study undertaken by; BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology Ltd., the Qi-Technologies product demonstrated a protective influence against wireless radiation compared to the control groups. The device has been awarded a Certificate of Protective Influence on Human Organism for Products and Devices.
View BION Study & Certification (2)

Proven To Create Enhanced Drinking Water

In a study done by; Dartsch Scientific GmbH, the Qi-Technologies product demonstrated a beneficial antioxidative effect on water compared to tap water. The regular drinking of this enhanced water can be highly recommended to improve and enhance well-being.
View Dartsch Scientific Study (3)

Globally Renowned Certification 

The Qi-Technologies Qi-Shield is certified by TÜV SÜD, providing a third-party endorsement by a globally renowned organisation. TÜV SÜD is a sign of quality assurance and safety in Germany which is globally recognised and respected as a trusted symbol of quality and safety.
View TÜV SÜD Report & Certification (4)

Qi-Tech Product Comparison

Need some help? Compare all Qi-Technologies EMF protection devices.

So how do these innovative products actually work, and how effective are they at shielding against EMFs?

How Qi-Tech works: the science behind the products

Electromagnetic fields are all around us. They’re generated by cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, our mobile phones, our laptops, the electricity cables overhead – and so the list goes on.

Qi-Tech products counterbalance these harmful electromagnetic fields by producing their own, powerfully protective field. This field is made up of millions of tiny electrons, known as ‘free electrons’.

Whereas EMF radiation is positively charged, the free electrons produced by Qi-Tech products are negatively charged – effectively working to intercept and filter dangerous EMF radiation before it can do any damage.

And there’s no need to plug in either - these are stand-alone devices that work entirely of their own accord, quickly and easily; no fiddling or set-up fuss required.

The inner workings of a Qi-Cell

Taking the Qi-Home Cell (one of Qi-Technologies’ most popular products - designed to offer at-home protection from EMF radiation) as an example, let’s examine how it actually does its thing.

If you were to remove the chunky top layer of Swiss pine from the Qi-Home Cell, within the copper ring casing, you would see two circles of individual vials - one outer, larger circle, and one smaller, inner circle. These vials have been precisely positioned, engineered and contain a specially created conductive liquid.

A negative charge is generated between these vials, creating what is known as a Torus Field.

Negatively charged free electrons, formed in this Torus Field, are released by the device into the atmosphere, where they use their negative charge to bind to any harmful, positively charged particles they encounter, thereby rendering them harmless.

Peace of mind

The Torus Field created by a Qi Cell successfully permeates the space all around it. This protective field provides you, your family and your pets with defence against EMFs, massively reducing EMF radiation exposure and allowing you to carry on using your wireless devices – mobile phones and laptop included - with some peace of mind.

By combatting EMF radiation, Qi-Tech devices drastically reduce the thermal stress on your body tissue, as well as working to balance damaging free radicals found within the body.

With their pioneering, certified technology, Qi-Technologies’ aim is to offer people new levels of wellbeing within their home and work environments, with a reduction in electromagnetic pollution.

Qi-Tech can energise water too

As well as targeting EMFs, Qi technology can also work to energise and restore the water we drink.

Just as the free electrons generated by a Qi device permeate the atmosphere, they also pervade water – and food too.

If you were to examine fresh, natural spring water (‘ideal’ water, if you will) under the microscope, you would find that it has a hexagonal grid structure. Water that has gone through a tap will not typically have this same makeup. The difference is easy to taste, and can be proven with laboratory testing.

However, once targeted by the free electrons of a Qi device – even ‘damaged’ water can regain its perfect hexagonal structure and health-giving properties.

The reach of the protective field depends on the size of the device

Depending on which Qi-tech device you go for, the reach of the protective Torus field it generates will vary.

The four types of Qi-Shield available in the Conscious Spaces Shop are: personal, mobile, home and business

  • Qi-Me Personal EMF Protection: designed for personal EMF protection on the go. Super portable and easy to carry. Keep it in your coat pocket, handbag or carry with you on public transport. ( This device creates a protection sphere not a protective torus field).
  • Qi-Shield Personal EMF Protection: Slightly bigger than the Qi-Me, and with a wider-reaching protective field, the Qi-Shield is perfect for placing on your desk, breakfast table or by your bed.
  • Qi-Home Cell EMF Protection: covers an entire (average sized) home, of up to about 3000 square feet.
  • Qi-Business Cell EMF Protection: Ideal for businesses, offices or larger homes. Covers an area of around 12000 square feet. 

Some of the reported benefits of using Qi-Tech products may include:

  • Feeling less affected by EMF radiation
  • Deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Less EMF-induced headaches
  • Balance of heart rate variability
  • Alleviation of extreme fatigue
  • Boosted energy and vitality - by increasing (ATP) energy at cellular level
  • Increased stamina and focus
  • Reduced feelings of stress, tension and anxiety 


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