How do I set up my device?

There isn't anything you need to do to activate your Qi-Technologies. The Qi-Me and Qi-Shield will only take a few minutes to reach full effectiveness once placed in a new area. These two smaller devices can be carried on your person or taken with you wherever you go; placed on the desk, next to your bed, in the car, at work etc.

The Qi-Home and Qi-Max can take up to 24 hours to reach full effectiveness in a new location, and need to be placed with the top facing upwards (in other words, not on its side or with the feet facing up).

What is the radius of protection for each device?

Qi-Me: 1m horizontally and vertically
Qi-Shield: 2.5m horizontally and 1.6m vertically
Qi-Home Cell: 7.5m horizontally and 5m vertically
Qi-Max Cell: 50m horizontally and 35m vertically

For the total diameter of protection simply double the values above.

Can I use it around technology or electrical appliances?

Absolutely! Qi-Tech devices provide protection against EMFs without interfering with how your wireless devices work. This means that you can continue using your phone, laptop, WiFi router (and so on) with some peace of mind. We do recommend keeping the devices a ‘safe distance to technology’. This means keeping your Qi-Tech device at a certain distance away from any EMF source (phone, laptop, electrical wiring in the wall etc). This is because if you place your Qi device too close to an EMF source it will hinder your Qi device’s ability to create a field of protection (and therefore stop your Qi device from working properly):

Qi-Me at least 25cm
Qi-Shield at least 25cm
Qi-Home at least 50cm
Qi-Max at least 1m

How does Qi-Tech protect me from EMFs?

Unlike shielding (which is the practice of blocking radiation using conductive barriers), Qi-Technologies devices work to depolarise the EMFs that surround us.

EMFs are positively-charged ions that are able to penetrate our bodies at a cellular level. The coils within Qi-Tech devices emit negatively-charged electrons that depolarise these electrical charges (also called a ‘Radiation Protection Sphere’ or ‘Torus Field’ ). The negatively-charged electrons emitted from your Qi-Tech device form a harmless ‘coating’ over the skin - think of it as an invisible bodysuit to protect you - as well as neutralising the positive charges in your surrounding environment. The electrons protect the body as soon as they adhere to your skin - in fact, touching the copper ring (of your Qi-Shield, Qi-Home or Qi-Max) throughout the day will greatly enhance the effect (this is particularly useful for protection when using radiation-emitting devices like laptops and mobile phones).

For maximum protection, we would always recommend a combination of Qi-Technologies, shielding and lifestyle changes.

Why does my EMF meter not change when testing near my Qi-Tech device?

Qi-Technologies devices work differently to how EMF shielding fabric works (this allows you to use your tech devices along with your Qi-Tech device - whereas it wouldn't be recommended to use tech devices within a faraday space/cage). When using a meter with shielding fabric you are able to test the frequencies inside and outside the fabric to see a difference. On the other hand, Qi-Technologies devices work by creating a sphere or torus field of negative ions that counteract the positive ions given out by tech devices and this helps to reduce the physiological effects on the body caused by the technology we use.

How do I clean my device?

Qi-Tech devices can be dusted with a dry or slightly damp microfibre cloth, but this should just be pure water (no cleaning sprays). You can polish the wood, and we would always recommend a gentle and natural polish, like pure beeswax. Over time, the copper may develop faint lines - the alloy uses a diffusion-open lacquer so that the surface is exposed, ensuring the skin still makes direct contact with the copper. The surface may become discoloured or such lines may appear, however this has no negative impact on the functioning of the device.

How do I recharge my device?

On a single charge, the Qi-Me and Qi-Shield will last up to 8 years and the Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Business Cell will last up to 10 years. There are a couple of ways to recharge your Qi device: firstly, you can recharge smaller Qi-Tech devices (such as the Qi-Me and Qi-Shield) on your Qi-Home Cell or Qi-Business Cell. To do this, simply place the Qi-Me or Qi-Shield on the Qi-Home or Qi-Business and leave it there for 24-48 hours. The second option is to send your device back to the manufacturer in Germany and they will recharge it for you free of charge (you just need to pay for the shipping).

Will the area of protection decrease over time?

The area of protection is expected to last for the entire charge lifespan. In fact, your newly charged Qi-Tech device should have an even higher area of protection than what we have stated to allow the full area of protection to last throughout the entire charge lifespan of the device.

I have dropped my device. How do I know if it is broken?

The devices shouldn’t be dropped due to the delicate mechanisms, however if they don’t show any signs of damage (dented/cracked/rattling sound/leaking water) then they should be fine. Customers can send the device to the manufacturer (pay for their own postage) for a review.

How can I energise and restore drinking water with my device?

To enjoy the benefits of Qi-Tech enriched water, we recommend that you place a glass of water next to your Qi-Home / Qi-Max device before you go to bed at night, and consume the following morning. Any water within the torus field of protection will benefit from Qi-Tech enrichment.

Can I take my device on an airplane or in the car?

The Qi-Shield is the first device designed to be used on-the-go. When you are stationary with your Qi-Shield, for example sitting at a desk, your radius of protection is 2.5m - this decreases to 1.5m with movement, such as travelling in a car. Our recommendation for airplane travel is to keep your Qi-Me in your hand luggage and your Qi-Shield in your check-in hold luggage.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on Qi-Tech products?

There is a 2-year warranty / guarantee. This warranty excludes damage caused by the customer as a result of impact, fall or manipulation of the devices (e.g. by opening, repair attempts or changes to the devices), external influences such as cold or water damage.