Osmio Fusion Reverse Osmosis System


Osmio Fusion Reverse Osmosis System is a smart and efficient reverse osmosis water filter and kettle that produces high quality water

Osmio's latest compact, countertop reverse osmosis water filter, the world's first revolutionary, installed household Reverse Osmosis (RO) counter top water purifier which also serves to provide, ambient, hot and boiling hot water at your fingertips with great ease of use and easy maintenance. A filter kettle like no other installed reverse osmosis system!

Available in White & Black

The Installed version of the Osmio Zero is here. This system is ideal for larger families (5+) and offices where an Osmio zero would not cope. If you have less than 5 occupants we would recommend the Osmio Zero instead! The Osmio Zero is completely portable meaning it does not require a plumber.

The fact that it is not connected to the drain means you will only have 1 litre of waste water which is contained and does not have to go down the drain. Use the waste water to water plants or to clean with.

Water Temperatures

The system can provide the following osmotic level water with organic calcium and magnesium active ceramic:

  • Normal temperature water (approx. 25 ° C), ideal for direct drinking
  • Warm water (40 ° C - 50 ° C) ideal for baby food
  • Hot water (80 ° C - 88 ° C) ideal for coffee
  • Nearly boiling water (90 ° C - 95° C) ideal for tea - PLEASE NOTE - the system reaches 100% but then travels through the route to the dispenser and loses some degrees. By using a thermometer at the very top where the water comes out, you will measure around 93-95°C. A great tip for hotter dispensing is to first select 100°C Setting, and let the water get hot and make your mug hot. Then press stop and empty that out, then go again with a new 100°C press and the results are much better.

High quality, installed counter top water dispenser, best kettle ever!

  • The only pure water kettle on the market and 80% more energy efficient than a regular kettle!
  • Counter top installation
  • Thousands of times more pure than traditional gravity filters or jug filters.
  • Replaces your kettle by also producing reverse osmosis quality water, ambient, warm, hot or boiling at your fingertips!
  • Filters cold water and has a boiler for dispensing instant nearly boiling water
  • Very compact and can be plumbed in anywhere with a cold supply and waste.
  • Uses a ceramic heating element instead of metallic so water can be made pure (low TDS) without heavy metal extraction!
  • Uses flow monitoring to detect filter life and alarm, plus fail safe built in to never dispense bad water.

The unit is incredibly easy to use and assemble. Simply take it out the box, plug it in and connect to cold feed water and drain. Turn the dial to adjust the temperature and press to dispense and stop, that's it! Within minutes you will have reverse osmosis quality water, ambient, warm, hot or boiling at your fingertips!

The system is designed with ease and practicality in mind. The unit has a very simple user interface. Water comes with the turn of a dial and there is no complicated user manual needed. The system is installed on the counter needs to be plugged into a power supply. Tubing to the system feeds from the cold water pipe and access to drain is also required. A water source which gives you easy access to fresh and healthy RO pure water at any time. 

Changing the filters is really quick and easy. They come off and go back on with a simple twist function.

The colour coded LED instantly shows when the filtration has completed. The intelligent, automatic, power-saving motor design, gives instant supply of filtered water, and automatically shuts off when filtration is complete.

The system has an automatic shutdown mode, after 1h the device switches off automatically, so you save power!

Filter Stages

1. Quick-Change activated carbon filter: removes chlorine and organic impurities
2. Quick-Change Membrane 50GPD: removes all pollutants and flavours to almost 100%
3. Quick-Change Insertion Filters: Hygiene After-filter antibacterial calcium and magnesium bioceramics, adding a small 10-20 ppm of minerals.

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Osmio Fusion Reverse Osmosis System

Weight & Dimensions

  • Height: 38 cm
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Depth: 23 cm (approx 32 cm including drip tray)
  • 5kg weight
  • Maximum Bottle Height with Tray in position: 22cm
  • Maximum Bottle Height without Tray in position: 24cm


  • Up to 190 litres daily (at 20 ° C water temperature)
  • Flow Rate: 7.8 Litres Per Hour (at 20 ° C water temperature)
  • Capacity Osmosis water tank: 1.5 litres approximately - 10-15 minutes to refill
  • Hot water capacity: 30 l / h (≥ 90 ℃)

Feed water requirements

  • Temperature 4 - 40 oC
  • pH 6.5 - 8.5
  • Turbidity < 5 NTU
  • TDS < 500 PPM
  • Hardness < 500 PPM CaCO3 (50 oF) (28 odH)
  • Chloride < 250 PPM
  • Free Chlorine < 0.7 PPM
  • Iron < 0.1 PPM
  • Manganese < 0.1 PPM
  • Silica < 0.1 PPM
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand < 5 PPM O2
  • Total Bacteria Count < 50 CFU / mL
  • E. Coli < 3 CFU
  • Feed Water Pressure 2 Bar Min. - 6 Bar Max. Please use a pressure reducer if feed water pressure is above 6 bar.


  • Power connection required: DC 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Power Rating: 2200W - 2600W
  • Nominal heating power 2180W - 2580W
  • The osmosis system consumes in standby only under 0.5 watts thanks to the ERP2 power supply
  • With booster pump DC 24V and water pump
  • Including flush valve
  • Integrated automatic shut-off: As soon as the storage tank is filled, the water production stops.
  • Normal wear and tear. We suggest the system should be replaced after 5 years.

PDF Document Download

Operating manual for Osmio Fusion direct flow reverse osmosis system

Warranty & Aftercare

This product comes with a 3 year free repair warranty for customers in the UK (free returns). Terms apply. Please see the downloadable manual for warranty terms.

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