Qi-Technologies Product Comparison

Which device to use?

The smallest EMF device is the Qi-Me. This is great to keep on your person.

The Qi-Shield is bigger than the Qi-Me. If you want a portable EMF device to travel between home and work, we recommend the Qi-Shield.

If you want a home EMF device for your family we recommend the Qi-Home Cell. This is a static device for your house.

If you want maximum coverage for your home, place of work or business we recommend the Qi-Max Cell. This is the most powerful EMF device.

If you have a very large building or work environment and you want to provide wider coverage, we advise using multiple Qi EMF devices.

Learn how to use your Qi-Tech device and other FAQs here.

Please contact our knowledgeable customer services team to assist in the selection and placement of appropriate EMF devices for any application.