Paint Characteristics

The diagrams below show the different paint characteristics for the YSHIELD® paint range.

YSHIELD® HSF54 | Standard Shielding Paint

YSHIELD® HSF64 | Preservative Free Shielding Paint

YSHIELD® MAX54 | Maximum Shielding Paint

YSHIELD® PRO54 | Professional Shielding Paint

Diagram Key

  • Attenuation - EMF Shielding
  • Ecology - Environmental Focus e.g. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Considerations
  • Adhesion - how well the paint adheres to surfaces
  • Hardness - how hard wearing the paint is
  • Fineness - surface finish
  • Odor - the smell of the paint

Typical Usage

HSF54 Standard Shielding Paint - is used as standard for interior and exterior use.
HSF64 Preservative Free Shielding Paint - is used if you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or allergy to preservative agents.
MAX54 Maximum Shielding Paint - is the product to choose if you need the maximum shielding effect for interior walls.
Pro54 Professional Shielding Paint - is recommended for applications where a higher adhesive tensile strength is needed, for example under heavy top coats like tiles or organic plaster.

Screening Attenuation Graphs

The following graphs show the screening attenuation for each of the YSHIELD® paints.
NOTE: The number of different layers pf paint create additional shielding characteristics.

HSF54 Standard Shielding Paint - Screening Attenuation

HSF64 Preservative Free Shielding Paint - Screening Attenuation

MAX54 Screening Attenuation

Pro54 Professional Shielding Paint - Screening Attenuation

The Importance of Grounding

It is very important that you use grounding tape, grounding plate an grounding cable to ground all of the walls, ceiling and floor of the room you paint.