Faraday Space Consultancy

"Relax, safe within your very own EMF-free sanctuary"

What is a Faraday Space?

A Faraday space or Faraday cage, refers to an area, room or indoor environment that is protected from electromagnetic fields.

Named after the brilliant 19th Century physicist Michael Faraday, Faraday spaces guard their contents (humans and animals included) from any harmful effects associated with EMF radiation by cancelling out exterior electromagnetic radiation.

The phenomenon is perhaps best explained by the concept of lightening striking a plane, as described by HowStuffWorks:

“Imagine flying in an airplane that's suddenly struck by lightning. This isn't a rare occurrence - it actually happens regularly, yet the plane and its passengers aren't affected. That's because the aluminium hull of the plane creates a Faraday cage. The charge from the lightning can pass harmlessly over the surface of the plane without damaging the equipment or people inside. It's not shocking, really. It's just science.”

How could it help you?

If you, or someone you know, suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or health issues triggered by EMFs, then a Faraday space could truly transform your life.

Offering the opportunity to enjoy a protective sanctuary away from the effects of EMFs where you can rest, sleep, work or play in peaceful harmony.

As the worldwide race towards further wireless tech advances and the rollout of invasive 5G networks marches on, we need more effective and user-friendly tools to protect ourselves and our health – making Faraday spaces more relevant than ever.

Relax, safe within your very own EMF-free sanctuary at home or work

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