How to Reduce Your Body’s Toxic Load: Part 3


In the New Year spirit of fresh starts and clean slates, we’re serving up a rejuvenating detox special: a series of features focused on what contributes to your toxic load, and – most importantly - practical, positive advice on ways you can work to dramatically reduce it, with almost immediate effect.

Tactic Number Three:

Support Your Body’s Natural Detox Systems

1. Eat an antioxidant rich diet

To support your body’s natural ability to detox, scientists and nutritionists recommend eating a rainbow-coloured range of fresh (organic, wherever possible) foods. Cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens (even tiny broccoli sprouts have been clinically shown (1) to enhance detoxification of airborne pollutants), herbs and spices, good quality proteins and fats like avocado, nuts and extra virgin olive oil, berries and microbiome-friendly, fermented foods like kimchi and live culture-rich kefir are all key tools in successful detoxification, helping your liver to do its job properly.

2. Avoid processed foods

It has been reported (2) that more than half of all food bought by families in the UK is now “ultra-processed”: manufactured on an industrial scale using hi-tech methods and synthetic additives. Rather than reaching for processed, pre-packaged options, cooking meals from scratch using whole, natural ingredients is always a good place to start and will ensure you significantly reduce your exposure to additives and preservatives whilst encouraging your body to rid itself of toxins one of the simplest ways it knows how – via regular bowel movements.

3. Add detox nutrients

Good quality supplements, including magnesium, selenium, milk thistle, vitamin C and omega 3 oil capsules can strengthen your body’s ability to ward off and flush out toxins, whilst adding fresh turmeric and ginger (both proven to be powerful anti-inflammatories) (3) to your meals is a delicious way of boosting your health and strengthening your defenses.

4. Sweat it out

Therapies and wellness aids that promote detoxification can also dramatically reduce your overall chemical load. For example, using an infrared sauna works to oxygenate the body’s tissues, and can help with natural detoxification pathways through sweating, improved circulation and lymphatic flow. In fact, any kind of exercise that gets the blood pumping is a guaranteed way to get your body in fighting fit condition.

5. Drink clean, filtered water

It’s vital to hydrate your body with clean, filtered drinking water that is free from any chemical contaminants. Tap water in the UK is rigorously tested to strict standards, but can still contain microplastics, chlorine, fluoride, sediment and even traces of prescription drugs and pesticides – all of which can contribute to your body’s toxic load. Unfortunately, there are just too many variables that affect water quality for us to properly control. To combat this, we recommend investing in a thorough water filtration system (4) to make sure you’re getting a pure supply that helps your body to flush out as many toxins as possible, without adding to its chemical burden.

6. Reduce EMF exposure

Whilst not widely recognised as a contributor to toxic load, long-term exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and the EMF radiation that comes with it, is increasingly acknowledged as harmful. In 2011, the World Health Organisation classified EMF radiation as ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’, and negative biological effects associated with it include cellular stress, fertility issues and even cancer – meaning anything you can do to minimise your exposure and practice good digital hygiene (5) should help to fortify your body’s natural detox systems.

UP NEXT: Our detox special continues with the final instalment of our series on how to reduce your body’s toxic load


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