Blue Light Research & Scientific Studies

The links below provide further reading material on Blue Light and the potential harms associated.

1. The Damaging Effects of Blue Light on Our Skin

2. Blue Light-Induced Oxidative Stress in Skin

3. Irradiation of Skin with Visible Light Induces Reactive Oxygen Species and Matrix-Degrading Enzymes

4. Blue Light and Retinal Signalling

5. Is the Glare from your Computer Ageing your Skin?

6. Exploring Cell Death in Blue Light Induced Retinal Damage in Rats

7. Effects of Blue Light on the Circadian System and Eye Physiology

8. The Role of Retinal Photoreceptors in the Regulation of Circadian Rhythms

9. The Impact of Blue Light on Our Sleep

10. Harvard Medical School: The Effect Blue Light Has on Your Sleep and More

11. Evening Use of Light-Emitting eReaders Negatively Affects Sleep, Circadian Timing, and Next-Morning Alertness

12. The Truth about Blue Light: Does it Really Cause Insomnia and Increased Risk of Cancer?

13. New LED Streetlights Could Damage Eyesight and Disrupt Sleep, Warns Public Health England

14. This Is How Blue Light Is Actually Affecting Your Skin & What To Do About It?

15. Global Rise of Potential Health Hazards Caused by Blue Light-Induced Circadian Disruption in Modern Ageing Societies

16. Association of Disrupted Circadian Rhythmicity with Mood Disorders, Subjective Wellbeing, and Cognitive Function

17. Macular Carotenoid Supplementation Improves Visual Performance, Sleep Quality, and Adverse Physical Symptoms in Those with High Screen Time Exposure

18. Blue Light Nemesis: Green Veggies’ Carotenoids

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