BION Institute - Scientific Report On Testing Protective Influence On Human Organism Against Wireless Router Radiation

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This study has been undertaken by the German organisation BION, Institute for Bioelectromagnetics and New Biology.

Qi-Shield & protective influence on human organism against wirleless router radiation

The aim of the study is to confirm and validate that a Qi-Shield device provides EMF protection to a human.

Study Overview

"By using clinical testing methodology as far as possible, we (BION) verified the supposed protection against wireless router radiation (Wi-Fi) by exposing volunteers to the supposed protective effect of the device. In the test, we monitored various physiological parameters (skin conductance, heart rate, muscle tension, respiration, finger temperature, and some other derivate parameters) by electrophysiological measurements.

The volunteers were arranged in three testing situations. One situation represented the absolute control with neither Wi-Fi radiation applied nor a working Qi-Shield used. Its purpose was to show normal dynamics in the measured physiological parameters. The second situation represented exposure to Wi-Fi radiation with no working Qi-Shield device, to discern solely the influence of applied microwave radiation on human physiology. The third situation was the one with both devices, Wi-Fi and Qi-Shield, wherefrom the supposed and tested protective effect should disclose itself.

With the help of various statistical methods, we compared and evaluated the data of all three situations gained by measuring the enumerated parameters and made conclusions as to the protective influence of Qi-Shield device."

The full study is detailed below.

The conclusion from the study:

Based on sufficient statistically significant differences between the verum and the sham exposed situations demonstrated in the testing of the protective influence of the product Qi-Shield, we acknowledge that the product meets all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of Protective Influence on Human Organism against wireless router radiation No. 0301, which is announced also on our webpage:

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