Silver25® 5G EMF Protection Boys Tee Shirt


Silverwave EMF 5G and electromagnetic radiation protective boys short-sleeved tee shirt in grey cotton


Shields vital organs from electromagnetic radiation – and feels soft against the skin

Electromagnetic radiation is given off by wireless technology like mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers. We can’t see, touch or hear it, and yet it surrounds us.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can penetrate deep into our bodies, with research suggesting repeated exposure can harm health.

Crafted from velvety-soft cotton with a protective silver coating, this boys short-sleeved tee shirt offers proven shielding from electromagnetic radiation – and feels ultra-comfortable against the skin.

How does it protect against electromagnetic radiation?

The cotton of this boys short-sleeved shirt contains 25% silver-coated fibres. These silver-coated fibres create a conductive surface that discharges harmful electromagnetic frequencies when in contact with the body.

People sensitive to electromagnetic rays should experience a greater sense of wellbeing and reassurance when wearing this protective boys short-sleeved shirt.

Silver also brings natural antibacterial benefits.

What is the EMF shielding capability of this garment?

EMF protective garments can achieve a screening efficiency of up to 20 dB.


  • 75% cotton (Oekotex Standard 100)
  • 25% silver-coated fibres (silver-coated polyamide core)


  • Grey


View the Silver25¨ sizing guide here.

EMF Shielding Report

View EMF Shielding Report from Prof. Peter Pauli of the Munich German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) University

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