Space Clearing Consultancy

"Rid your environments of unwanted negative energy"

What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is an ancient practice used by cultures the world over to liberate and ‘detox’ an area by ridding it of negative or stagnant energy.

Any space that has been lived in carries a certain energy. This could be spiritual, emotional or physical and could arise from a huge variety of incidents and actions. Significant, impactful life experiences such as negative family dynamics, challenging health experiences or trauma are all examples of things that can dramatically alter the way you feel about a place. We’ve all experienced that strange, almost imperceptible and indescribable sense of a ‘bad vibe’. On a basic level this could be walking into a room after a bitter argument has occurred - where the tension is palpable, or being alone in ‘spooky’ space like a dark cellar or derelict building.

How can it help you?

Whilst most people would accept the need to keep their house clean and tidy (no one likes a cobwebby bedroom after all), keeping spaces energetically cleansed is arguably just as important; thereby allowing its inhabitants to thrive and lead optimal, healthy lives.

Space Clearing can help people in different ways, depending on their needs. It may impact people positively after experiencing a bereavement, pave the way for a business to flourish, help to sell a house, rid a home with violent history of its negativity, help you to regain your vitality after ill-health or simply act as a momentous spring clean – offering you a fresh start and giving a sense of clarity and purpose.

Rid your environments of unwanted negative energy

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