YSHIELD® HNS80 | EMF Shielding Mesh (Self-Adhesive) | Width 90 cm | Length 1m


YSHIELD® HNS80 Self-Adhesive EMF Shielding mesh is designed for use in technical rooms, window frames and devices with an EMF shielding at 75 dB

NOTE: This EMF shielding mesh is 90cm wide and is sold in units of 1m lengths.

Why use YSHIELD® HNS80 Self-Adhesive EMF Shielding Mesh?

YSHIELD® HNS80 EMF Shielding mesh is self adhesive and provides 5G protection.

It also blocks Wifi networks, digital TV, DECT, Wi-Max, 3G, 4G and other wireless applications.

HNS80 is a compact woven, metallized polyester netting and is self-adhesive with electrically conductive glue for the large-scale shielding of high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF).

This is a cost effective product for walls, ceilings and floors. Previously only available as a commercial product for data centers, laboratories, TEMPEST rooms it is now available for private use.

What is YSHIELD® HNS80 EMF Shielding mesh used for?

YSHIELD® HNS80 EMF Shielding mesh for interior use is mainly used is shielding doors, window frames, boxes, cases, devices, machines and many other technical applications.

How do you apply YSHIELD® HNS80 EMF Shielding mesh?

It is best to apply the mesh with two people. One person holds the mesh in position and the other person removes the protective film and presses the mesh with a scraper (e.g. YSHIELD® plastic scraper FVR10) strongly onto the surface it is being applied.

As soon as the mesh is glued properly, press it once more strongly onto the surface so that the glue can create its best adhesion. We recommend practising this at first for larger surfaces.

Due to the electrical conductivity of the glue you can fix the mesh sheets with an overlap – if the raised edge is bothering you, you can level it out.

When using wall paint on top of the netting, please take into consideration that the material contains copper, the pH value of the paint must not be higher than 8 – therefore mineral paints are not permitted to be used on top of it.

YSHIELD® HNS80 EMF Shielding Mesh Graph

YSHIELD EMF Shielding Mesh HNS80 attenuation graph


HNS80 EMF Shielding mesh Attenuation | Grounding

  • This product shields high frequency electromagnetic fields (HF). The indicated dB-values apply to 1 GHz, view chart for other frequencies. Laboratory report ranging from 40/600 MHz to 40 GHz according to standards ASTM D4935-10 or IEEE Std 299-2006.
  • This product with an electrically conductive surface shields low-frequency alternating electric fields (LF). For this purpose a grounding is necessary.

Technical data

  • Width: 90 cm
  • Length: Sole by the meter (m)
  • Use: Interior use only
  • Attenuation: 75 dB
  • Self-adhesive with electrically conductive glue
  • Weight: 110 g/m² (without protective film), 220 g/m² (with protective film)
  • Material thickness: 0.095 mm (without protective film),0.22 mm (with protective film)
  • Color: Gray / Brown
  • Tensile strength: 90 lbf
  • Materials: Polyester, copper, nickel, arylics glue
  • Surface conductivity: 0.02 ohm (square resistance)

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