SaunaSpace® Photon red-filtered Incandescent light therapy


The SaunaSpace Photon™ red-filtered incandescent light provides the full-spectrum of healing and detox wavelengths. 

Orders received today will take approximately 3 weeks to delivery. 

Use at home or at your office as a healing space heater for targeted incandescent light & heat therapy.

Therapeutic-grade near infrared mitochondrial stimulation. Up to 34 mW/cm2 irradiance for targeted, localized therapy.

No UV or blue light. No flicker stress. Zero EMF stress from their product, period.

SaunaSpace are so confident in their products that there is a 100 day risk-free trial.

The Science - Health Benefits

Natural Full-Spectrum Thermal Light and Heat unite using a SaunaSpace Photon Light to stimulate the body’s cells and tissues to restore themselves as nature designed. Together they penetrate each and every tissue and organ to activate mitochondrial cell regeneration, anti-aging, and detoxification.

Some of scientifically observed effects of Red/Near Infrared (600-1000nm) Light activation of cellular mitochondrial functions and Cellular Heat Shock:

  • Increased longevity and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced inflammation, assisting pain relief and improved skin
  • Repaired and re-optimized epigenetics, gene expression and energy
  • Improved athletic and mental endurance, functioning and strength
  • Increased collagen production, reducing cellulite, minimizing wrinkles, skin rejuvenation
  • Reduced stress levels in the mind and body, supporting better sleep and mood
  • Accelerated wound and tissue repair


  • SaunaSpace red-filtered incandescent light providing the full-spectrum of healing and detox wavelengths
  • Stands up on it’s own on any flat surface. It’s counter-balanced to also tilt at a 45° angle 
  • Includes rear VESA-D 75×75 mm anchors to mount to a tv/monitor arm (available separately)
  • All basswood components are handworked and hand-polished buttery smooth
  • Robotically welded, Stainless Steel Hardware for durable reliability
  • Rigorous quality control involves inspection of every component
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 100 day risk free trial

Hypoallergenic, clean & safe

Solid Basswood Hypoallergenic wood stoolSOLID BASSWOOD HYPOALLERGENIC STOOL

Select-grade, sustainably harvested North American Basswood is zero-VOC rated and not treated with any chemicals or oils. So it won’t outgas.

Stainless Steel non-offgassing hardwareSTAINLESS STEEL NON-OFFGASSING, SAFE HARDWARE

USA-manufactured Stainless Steel Faraday Guards and Hardware are not powder-coated or treated.

Versatility at its best 

The Photon™ stands up on it’s own on any flat surface. It’s counter-balanced to also tilt at a 45° angle and has rear VESA-D 75×75 mm anchors to mount to a tv/monitor arm.

It also includes clamping accessory so you can add it into the Luminati™ Sauna below the Tungsten™ Panel for direct targeting of the foot/lower leg during your full-body sauna sessions.

The removable 3m power cord enables you to leave the cord in place on your monitor arm, and take the Photon™ home with you after work.

Zero EMF Shielding

SaunaSpace’s shielding design ensures there is ZERO magnetic field (MF) and ZERO electric field (EF) stress on your body from the Photon™.

MF is 0 mG (not detectable) beyond the face of the Faraday Lamp Guards.

EF is 0 V/m on the front and rear Panel body, 0 V/m in front of the Faraday Guard & 0 V/m on the Shielded Power Cord.

Every Photon™ is tested with the Geovitals EM Field Probe. Using specialized gold-plated sensors, the Geovitals meter is one of the most sensitive electric and magnetic field meters available.

Technical Details

Width 34.6 cm
Height 19.5 cm
Depth 22.9 cm
Photon Weight 1.98 kg
Base Stand Weight
0.5 kg
Power Source The SaunaSpace Photon plugs into any standard wall outlet.
Voltage 240V/50-60Hz, 250 Watts, 1.0 Amps
Additional Information
Wood Type
Select-grade, sustainably harvested North American Basswood
Cost to Run
Averages 3p per hour
Useful Downloads
User Manual Click to download


Where can I use the light?

You can use the light at home, work or wherever suits you.

What tools are needed?

You don't need any tools. It comes with everything you need.

How much electricity does it use?

It costs on average 3p per hour. These lights are energy efficient to run.

How heavy is it?

The light and base weighs 2.48kg and is very portable.

How safe is the light?

Infrared is very safe, it is used to keep newborn babies warm in hospital.

How far away should I position myself from the ThermaLight bulbs in my sauna?

We recommended positioning yourself 12-24 inches away from the ThermaLight bulbs in your sauna. Most customers find 15 inches the optimal length from the bulbs.

Should I wear protective glasses when I’m using my SaunaSpace® sauna?

You can either close your eyes or keep your eyes open and gaze around the bulbs, but not directly at them. For instance, you could position the SaunaSpace®  Photon on the left side of your face and then position it to the right side of your face. When positioning the SaunaSpace®  Photon towards your head or face we recommend limiting sessions to under 15 minutes at a time. You can perform up to 10 sessions a day. The best rule of thumb is to make sure you have a 1 hour break (minimum) in between sessions. If you would like to cover your eyes, fabric will block Near Infrared light so you could wear an eye sleep mask, handkerchief or piece of cloth over your eyes to block the light.

Do you offer a trial period for SaunaSpace® products?

We offer a 100 day trial for the SaunaSpace® Photon, Tungsten, Luminati and Faraday.

If you were to request a refund during the 100 day trial period, you would need to return the item in the original packaging in the same condition that you received it. Any damage to the product or packaging would be deducted from the refund. Claims for items missing or damaged in transit must be notified within five business days of receipt of product. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. You can see our Refund Policy here.

Do SaunaSpace® Saunas emit Far Infrared as well as Near Infrared Sauna?

SaunaSpace® saunas provide incandescent, natural, full-spectrum light that is primarily Near Infrared, but they also emit Far Infrared. Here’s the breakdown:

As shown in the graph above the SaunaSpace® emits both Near Infrared and some Far Infrared.

Water-absorbing Near Infrared radiant heat (1000-1500nm) warms the tissues far more efficiently than Far Infrared - and it does so at a lower, more comfortable air temperature.

It is worth noting that there is no Mitochondrial PBM with Far Infrared light, and in terms of EMF mitigation there are no zero or very low EMF Far Infrared sauna product options on the market at present. SaunaSpace® saunas aim for zero electromagnetic radiation. The SaunaSpace® Faraday Sauna is the world’s 1st 5G-rated RF shielding Faraday Sauna.

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