Osmio 4.5 x 10 Inch Carbon Block 5 Micron


The Osmio 4.5 x 10 Inch Carbon Block 5 Micron is suited to processes where the life of the carbon is never fully used

Osmio 4.5x10" Carbon Block Cartridge

The carbon range delivers a genuine balance between chlorine absorption, high dirt-holding and value for money. Suited to processes where the life of the carbon is never fully used. A carbon cartridge manufactured from acid washed bituminous Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and extruded into a carbon block format. Constructed with an outer polypropylene wrap that protects and extends the life of the carbon block, capturing particles and preventing premature plugging. Top-of-the-line carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odour and sediment reduction.

  • Competitively priced
  • Outperforms GAC cartridges four ways: 1. Superior chlorine reduction 2. Lower pressure drop 3. Will not channel 4. Lower cost
  • Media wrap between centre tube and carbon block to reduce carbon fines.
  • 100% Coconut shell Carbon.
  • NSF Approved Product

More Information


CTO 4510-05

Chlorine Reduction (litres):

> 12,000 US gallons@ 2.0 gpm

Flow (lpm):

7.6 - Initial @ Flow* 4.0 psid @ 3.5 gpm

Initial ‑p (bar):


Length ("):


Diameter ("):


10" Carbon Filter Specifications:

  • Outer polypropylene wrap extends the life of the block by preventing premature plugging.
  • Carbon block extruded from acid washed bituminous activated carbon.

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon Type: Acid Washed Bituminous
  • End Cap: Polypropylene
  • Gasket: Silicone (EPDM/Buna-N)
  • Core: Polypropylene wrap
  • Netting: Polyethylene 

Technical Data

  • Micron Ratings (μ) 5
  • Lengths (") 9¾
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 82
  • Maximum Operating Pressure (bar) 17
  • Chlorine Reduction (L)
  • Large Diameter 9¾" - 24,000 L
  • Length (nominal mm) 248
  • Outside Diameter (nominal mm) 107
  • Inside Diameter (nominal mm) 28

Warranty & Aftercare

This product comes with a warranty. Terms apply. Please see the downloadable manual for warranty terms.

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