Hi Lite LX70 5G/Wifi/EMF Protection Window Film


5G/Wifi/EMF Protection with Lite LX70 EMF Protection Window Film. This invisible but super strength film is the leading EMF window shield currently available on the market.

NOTE: This EMF shielding film is sold in units of 1.52m width x 1.0 m lengths.

Why use LX70 Hi Lite?

If you suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), Conscious Spaces recommends investing in LX70. With its super strength qualities, it offers optimum protection, safeguarding your health and improving your quality of life.

Hi Lite LX70 EMF Shielding Graph

Hi Lite LX70 5G/Wifi/EMF Protection Window Film EMF Shielding Graph

Product Description Summary


It is almost invisible to the eye but has fantastic screening capabilities.

Fabric name

Hi Lite LX70




Particularly suitable for bedroom windows to bolster restorative sleep. The LX70 can be used on any window, or glass surface.


Wipe clean only

Sales Unit

Cost per Unit

Material Unit

152cm (5') x 152cm (5')

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