Green&Blue Beepost Bee Tower


The Beepost Bee Tower is a beautiful bee tower designed to create a nesting site for solitary bees

The Beepost Bee Tower

Beepost has been created as a beautiful, freestanding bee nest which can be incorporated into stunning architectural design and ambitious landscaping projects. Perfect for use in urban landscapes and redevelopment, or to make a strong style statement in your garden.

‘Britain has more than 250 bee species, but numbers have fallen dramatically due to disease, an increase in chemical use and habitat loss" (Friends of the Earth 2013). The Green&Blue range of bee products aims to provide more nesting site for solitary bees, who are vital for pollination. And because solitary bees don’t have a queen, hive or honey to protect they are non-aggressive, meaning they are safe to encourage around children and pets.

Please note that Beepost is made to order and delivery may take 2-3 weeks.

The Bee Post is designed and made by Green and Blue in the UK.


Cast from concrete and allowed to dry naturally. Using local Cornish Granite aggregate.


2400mm tall and approximately 120mm deep and 120 mm wide. 


The bee post should be positioned in a warm sunny spot, south facing, with no vegetation in front of the holes. Designed to be set into a concrete base with guidance provided. Designed to be set approx 300mm into the ground.

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