BioLight™ - Full Spectrum Light

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Bring the outdoors inside with the worlds first Day to Night full spectrum light bulb by BioLight

BioLight™ is the first biological friendly Full spectrum light bulb technology of its kind to appear anywhere in the world.

It’s the most advanced technology BlockBlueLight has ever developed; The worlds first Day to Night Full Spectrum light bulb! Bring the outdoors inside with the BioLight™ full spectrum light.

  • Full Spectrum Day Mode: Promotes positive mood, increases stable energy and sense of wellbeing. Replicates natural sunlight.
  • Mixed Mode: Provides a warm low blue light option with the same visible spectrum as incandescent lights.
  • Night Mode: 100% no blue light sleep friendly amber light, warm and relaxing candle light feel.


The BioLight™ has 3 modes to provide optimal lighting all day, and all night. By turning the light off and on at the light switch it will initiate a mode change, no remotes needed, no wifi controls, just a simple off and on from the existing light switch.

Our Full Spectrum BioLight is also available as a recessed downlight.

BioLight™ - Full Spectrum Light

We all know how beneficial natural light from being outside during the day is for us, this is because the sun emits balanced full spectrum light which humans are biologically adapted to receive, however the type of light most people are under during the day is a very different spectrum of light which has been shown to be very harmful to our health.

The BioLight™ full spectrum light bulb technology very closely replicates the same visual colour spectrum as visible natural light from the sun. Adequate exposure to full spectrum light will increase energy through out the day, uplift mood, and increase overall wellbeing. This full spectrum light bulb also acts as a SAD light which can be used as light therapy for depression and mood regulation.

As with all BlockBlueLight lighting products the BioLight™ is low EMF and flicker free.

BioLight™ - Full Spectrum Light Graph

What is a SAD Light and can the BioLight be used as a SAD Lamp?

SAD stands for Seasonal affective disorder which can be commonly caused by not receiving enough full spectrum natural light light during the day.  SAD is very common condition people can develop in the winter months where days are much shorter. SAD lights such as the BioLight are designed to emit full spectrum light that replicates the same visible spectrum as natural light from the sun. SAD lamps have a need for the modern indoor lifestyles people live where there is a complete lack to healthy full spectrum light. The need to use tools like SAD lights is much greater in winter due to short days and lack of time spend outdoors. 

SAD lights are deigned to produce full spectrum light that closely match the spectrum of natural light and be used as light therapy for depression treatment. A lack of natural light from being indoors the majority of the day whilst being exposed to standard LED lighting and screens creates a deficiency in beneficial light which can eventually lead to depression and anxiety. Seasonal depression lamps are a great tool to ensure a person receives enough healthy light during the day to regulate mood and energy levels.

Can the BioLight be used as light therapy for depression?

The BioLight when set on the full spectrum day mode emits the perfect amount of full spectrum light which makes its a very effective SAD lamp to be used as light therapy for depression . When a person spends a lot of time indoors under conventional LED or fluorescent lighting they are not being exposed to biological friendly light that we would otherwise be exposed to when outdoors.

Standard artificial light from lighting and screens causes headaches, migraines and can also cause depression and anxiety due to lacking the full spectrum of light we are designed to get daily from our sun. SAD lights such as the BioLight can be used when indoors to provide healthy full spectrum light which promotes sustainable daily energy, stimulates positive moods and improves your sense of wellbeing, this is a great way to use light therapy for treating depression caused by SAD.

Full Spectrum Day Mode

Full spectrum day mode provides a very high quality balanced white light which is the most optimal type of lighting to be exposed to during the day time, it has healthy amounts of blue, green, yellow, orange, and red light, all in balance to very closely match the same visible light output from the sun. This type of light will ensure you have clean sustainable energy throughout the day, will ensure you do not get headaches, eyestrain, or migraines which is a very common symptom of conventional LED lights.

BioLight - Full Spectrum Light Full Spectrum Day Mode

Low Blue Mixed mode

Low blue mixed mode combines the full spectrum day mode with the no blue amber mode, the result is a warm white light with the same spectrum light output as the traditional incandescent light bulbs. This type of light is perfect to use early morning and early evening as it closely replicates the optimal light to be exposed to at these times.

BioLight - Full Spectrum Light Low Blue Mixed Mode

No Blue Night Mode

The No blue night mode features 100% blue light free light that provides a relaxing warm amber light designed to be used once the sun has set. This can be used as general purpose light throughout the home and in lamps to provide a warm relaxing ambiance in the home which promotes deep and restful sleep.

BioLight - Full Spectrum Light No Blue Light Mode


  • Colour temperature: 4000k / 2100k / 1800k
  • Brightness: 700lm
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): >99
  • Input voltage: 110 -265v 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption (watts): 8w
  • Size: 70mm x H130mm
  • Base: E26/E27 (screw) or B22 (bayonet)
  • Certifications: CE, ROHS, SAA, RCM
  • Life: 30,000 hours

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