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The links below provide further reading material on the importance of clean air, the cited health benefits of probiotic bacteria, the potential health risks associated with air pollutants, and information on air related allergies and illnesses.

1. Volatile Organic Compounds' Impact on Indoor Air Quality

2. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) Article

3. The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS): A Resource for Assessing Exposure to Environmental Pollutants

4. AllergyUK

5. Asthma Information

6. Psychological, Neuropsychological, and Electrocortical Effects of Mixed Mold Exposure

7. Mycotoxins: A Major Cause of Many Chronic Illnesses

8. Indoor Mold, Toxigenic Fungi, and Stachybotrys Chartarum: Infectious Disease Perspective

9. Effects of Toxic Exposure to Molds and Mycotoxins in Building-Related Illnesses

10. The Quality of Air Outside and Inside the Home: Associations with Emotional and Behavioural Problem Scores in Early Childhood

11. Growing Up in Air-Polluted Areas Linked to Mental Health Issues

12. Are Noise and Air Pollution Related to the Incidence of Dementia?

13. Air Pollution Can Cause Cancer, says World Health Organisation

14. Environmental Pollution is Associated with Increased Risk of Psychiatric Disorders in the US and Denmark

15. Exploration of Air Pollution and Mental Health Problems

16. The Relation Between Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Asthma

17. Government Launches World Leading Plan to Tackle Air Pollution

18. Chemical Exposure and Asthma in Children

19. Breathe Easier: Dealing with Bad Air Quality

20. Environmental Probiotics: Creating Healthy Indoor Workspaces

21. How 'Good' Bacteria Boost the Immune System

22. NHS: Probiotics

23. Probiotics and Your Health: FAQ

24. US Consumer Product Safety Commission: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

25. Air Pollution and Noncommunicable Diseases

26. Air Pollution: Wood Burning Stoves

27. Cognitive Function and Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation,
and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Environments

28. Medicinal Smoke Reduces Airborne Bacteria

29. Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers: A Controlled Exposure Study of Green and Conventional Office Environments

30. Air Pollution and Noncommunicable Diseases

31. Do we need to worry about air quality in Britain

32. Nearly half of UK homes have high indoor air pollution - new report

33. Indoor air pollution 3.5 times worse than outdoor air pollution

34. The inside story: Health effects of indoor air quality on children and young people

35. Every breath we take: the lifelong impact of air pollution

36. Air pollution and COVID-19 mortality in the United States: Strengths and limitations of an ecological regression analysis

37. Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds

38. Can atmospheric pollution be considered a co-factor in extremely high level of SARS-CoV-2 lethality in Northern Italy?

39. Air Pollution and the Novel Covid-19 Disease: a Putative Disease Risk Factor

40. Air cleaning should become standard practice after pandemic says BESA

41. Islington primary school hopes to become first ever 'clean air' state school in the UK

42. Radic8 Q&A: air sterilisation steps up in the fight against Covid-19

43. How to buy the best air purifier

44. What is a HEPA filter?

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