Qi/Waveguard Customer Testimonials

The following are some of the customer testimonials we have received from Conscious Spaces community using their Qi/Waveguard devices.

We have placed the units near where we sleep and I have to say we are all sleeping considerably better.
Julie M
[the Qi-Shield] is really helping minimise the 5G EMF in the house in London, making a much calmer space in the house.
Susie B
I really notice the positive effects of the Qi-Shield when I meditate. Before I had the Qi-Shield I would always hear a static noise when I meditated, but since having the Qi-Shield the static noise is no longer there and it feels like me! I’ve also noticed that I’m sleeping better too.
I am doing very well and I think your shields are phenomenal. I feel so much better in my house now and no doubt I shall be buying more in the future.
A. Wreford
I have a feeling something wonderful is happening with your shield.
I get the odd day of weakness or heavy head BUT since I have had your Qi- Shield on my bedside table not only has my sleep been much improved but this morning I woke at 7am bright as a button and leapt out of bed ready to start the day! I can’t even remember when that last happened to me.
So recently feeling the steady healing power of the Qi-Shield that is when I decided to invest in more of your products for I keep carrying this one around.
This may change my life more than I ever thought possible. Thank you Tara!
A. Wreford
As an electro-hypersensitive person, Qi products have transformed my life: I no longer suffer frequent cardiac arrhythmias and atrial fibrillations. Disturbed sleep is an exception. I rarely go anywhere now without my Qi Mobile or Qi Shield and return to my Qi Home.
I cannot recommend Tara and her team highly enough - or their range of carefully curated products. They have a genuine and sincere desire to improve the quality of your life. An enquiry or purchase becomes a joint, supported journey to improved health and wellbeing for you and your family. Priceless!
J. Warren
Excellent Product. I highly recommend this product.I noticed that my brain fog was gone on the 3rd day of using it, having it around me 24h/day. I feel so much better, I have much more energy, I no longer need a power nap during the day.I absolutely love Qi Shield. I got it to protect me from EMF and 5G as well, I wanted to buy the small one Qi me, but that one doesn’t protect from 5G. That’s why I did choose Qi Shield. It is a little bit bigger then Qi me , but I still take it with me everywhere I go.
O. Saczyna
Wouldn’t Be Without It. Recently have had insomnia (new to me) and body burning. Suspect Outdoor streetlights a possible trigger along with more 5g. Finding it difficult to walk towards areas with masts, low blood pressure and need to limit phone use now etc Qi shield helped me regain sleep ,life and although still have a little body burn and wakefulness at times it’s 1/10 rather than 8/10 I take with me walking now and really helps. Have the Qi me too but am finding Qi shield better seem to need it although Qi me made a good difference too and is lighter to wear. Notice big difference when I forget to keep beside me at home and out and about. Feel symptoms first - then realise how much of a difference. Worth ever penny and am desperately saving for another to put in my daughters room. Thank you 😊
A. MacDonald
Life Changing. I'm so glad that I bought the Qi-Me. I'm a young adult who lives in an environment surrounded by technology and I developed an interest in EMF exposure and the negative effects it has on our bodies. After conducting an EMF reading of my house, I was surprised at how high and potentially harmful the EMF levels were and this prompted me to research ways to inhibit this exposure. There was a lot of hype for this new technology and I decided to give it a try after reading a few reviews. I live in the UK, so I'm thankful this website had the device in stock, otherwise it would have taken much longer direct from the manufacturer. I was very surprised at how quick the item was dispatched. Items are sent using royal mail, next day delivery. When I received the item, I noticed positive effects after only a few hours. I had one of the best night's sleep and continue to do so. Usually when I wake up, I feel lethargic, but not anymore. I've also noticed that my heart palpitations have stopped and water actually does taste much better! I've only had the product for a couple of days, but am so glad I bought it.
I recently bought a Qi-Shield From Tara at Conscious Spaces. I found her really genuinely passionate, knowledgeable and caring - about what I, the customer, wanted and needed. She spent a long time with me, on the phone, helping me make an informed choice. Great quality product and excellent customer service. Highly recommended.
A K Pilgrim
Just wanted to say that the device [Qi-Shield] is really good. Immediately after placing it I've noticed "lightness" in the environment and I must say there is this subtle feeling of well being. Also during meditation I've noticed more stillness.
I purchased the Qi home personal for my mum in London and the QI home shield for my home in Morocco. I will definitely buy again once I build up funds, think these shields imperative for every household with 5g going up around us so fast, feel lucky to even purchase these treasures! I will be back and will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank you!

Scientific Studies

You can view scientific studies and certification of the Qi/Waveguard devices here.

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