Business Wellbeing Consultancy

"Receive tailored solutions and advice on how to create healthy working environments with our business wellbeing consultancy service"

Workplace Wellbeing

With a greater understanding of the need for wellbeing in the workplace, and an increasing appreciation of our connection with nature, healthy and rejuvenating spaces are more important – and to more people – than ever before.

As a business owner who wants to offer your visitors and staff this enjoyment of optimal environmental wellbeing, it can be difficult to know where to start.

From revitalising spas to relaxing hotels and light, plant-filled buildings, people want to spend time in a positive and harmonious environment where they feel happy and comfortable.

Our consultancy services are designed to do just that - placing your business and its customers at the forefront with our unique, tailored approach. We endeavour to really get to know your brand and understand your concerns, aspirations and requirements. Whether it’s a bespoke wellness suite or selected products to improve your work environment, we are here to help.

Your journey to business wellbeing starts here:

1. Wellbeing in the Workplace Questionnaire

The first stage in our investigations begins with a wellbeing in the workplace questionnaire that you will be emailed to complete in your own time. (This takes about 20 minutes to complete.)

This questionnaire is designed to help us understand your situation, and covers topics including the nature of your business, the building and its typical daily use. The process will also help you to think about how your space might be affecting the wellbeing of its occupants and what you hope to achieve from your experience with Conscious Spaces.

2. Book your Phone Consultation

Once you have submitted your questionnaire responses, you will be able to book a slot for your one-hour phone consultation at a time that suits you. This hour will enable us to ask specific questions and ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Once we get to know your business and explore your aspirations further, together we will decide the correct path for your wellbeing in the workplace journey.

You will also receive our information-packed E-Books to use as a handy reference tool for the future.

3. Products, Building Inspections and Ongoing Support

Sometimes, a phone consultation can help us to encounter problems or ideas that you may wish to explore further. Together, we will decide the correct route for your wellbeing in the workplace journey and make recommendations to suit your needs.

With our plethora of monitoring devices, innovative products and industry-leading practitioners, we can help you to create the harmonious and supportive space your business needs.

We will stay with you on your wellbeing journey, providing ongoing support as you join our Conscious Spaces community.

We will always try to recommend products and services that are suitable to your circumstances, and only when required for your specific needs.

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