How to protect yourself from EMFs and EMF Radiation

You almost certainly own a smart phone, which you probably keep in your pocket at times, or next to your bed overnight. Maybe you use a tablet to browse the internet, work next to a Wi-Fi router, wear a smart watch or have a smart meter installed in your home? Perhaps your kids watch cartoons on your iPhone? If so, you are exposing your own and your family’s bodies to increased electromagnetic radiation.

But why, if it’s so normalised within our lives, does this matter? A growing number of non-industry funded, independent scientists are voicing their concern over regular, long-term exposure to EMF radiation. The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified it (1) as a ‘possible carcinogen’. Numerous studies, appeals and doctors (2) have warned against the adverse effects of this type of radiation on our health. The French government has even passed legislation (3) to dramatically limit their citizens’ exposure to it.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when faced with the sheer scale of EMF radiation that now surrounds us, but the good news is that there are lots of easy ways you can reduce your own and your family’s exposure to it. It’s not about escaping modern life and throwing away every device you own; but rather creating a balance with technology by taking care in how and when you use it.

Here’s 9 easy ways to start protecting yourself from EMF radiation today:

  1. Let’s start with a seemingly obvious yet often overlooked solution; limit the time you spend on your wireless devices, and therefore, your exposure to EMF radiation.
  2. Create some distance. The reality is, that when it comes to EMF-emitting sources, the ones closest to your body are the worst culprits. As a general rule, keep your mobile phone or tablet as far from your body as you can. Don’t rest your laptop in your lap. Text rather than call, don’t keep your phone in your pocket, and – as a starting point, aim to use speakerphone or a hands-free, air tube headset when making phone calls. Bluetooth headsets don’t count here as they emit the very same EMF radiation you’re trying to reduce.
  3. Turn mobile data, Wi-Fi connections and bluetooth off when you don’t need to use the internet and turn airplane mode on whenever you’re not using your device.
  4. The proximity of your router is important. Store it as far away as you can from where you spend time. Always avoid keeping it in your bedroom.
  5. Create safe, calm sleeping spaces – turn off (or switch to airplane mode) all your wireless devices, including your router and phone at night. You should find that doing this will help you to drift off more easily and enjoy a more restorative night’s sleep.
  6. Reduce children’s exposure to Wi-Fi by switching any devices they come into contact with to airplane mode and limiting their overall use.
  7. Move towards wired options in your home and workplace – use Ethernet cables and look into fibre optics over wireless. If you have a baby, use a wired baby monitor instead of a cordless one. Change your home phone from cordless to corded. Switch to plug-in sound systems from wireless models. Essentially, the more wires you use with your devices and equipment, the less EMFs should infiltrate your space.
  8. If possible, refuse or opt-out of smart meter programmes. If this isn’t possible, look to reduce any issues caused by your property’s smart meter by installing a purpose-built smart meter guard.
  9. Get rid of compact fluorescent light bulbs, older LEDs and track lighting; all of which emit dirty electricity. Replace them with Incandescent lights (ideally full spectrum) which are the healthiest light bulbs for the home.

            Hopefully this gives you an idea of some simple ways that you can start to practice good, basic EMF mitigation. If you’d like to find out more and take your protection to the next level, we offer a range of tried and tested products for your home, workplace and beyond; helping you to create a cleansed and safe sanctuary wherever you go.



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