Digital Privacy Brands

From smart tech to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Bodies (IoB), cyberattacks to 5G networks, our most intimate details are increasingly vulnerable from digital surveillance, data privacy and cyber crime. The question of securing our identities and protecting our freedoms online has never been more pressing.

Shop our selection of digital surveillance & data privacy products that also protect you from mobile phone radiation.

Digital Privacy Brands


Defend your digital privacy, guard your digital data, shield from phone radiation and EMFs with the TOCA® range of tech-balancing products. TOCA® smartphone sleeves shield the body from harmful radiation, secure privacy, and silence distractions, while their camera and microphone blockers protect against prying eyes and digital surveillance.


Collect and store energy from the sun with a portable solar generator and solar panel kit. Lightweight and travel-friendly, EcoFlow solar generators are the perfect choice to power your camping or RV trip. Without fumes or noise, solar-powered generators are safe to use inside, perfect for unexpected home blackouts.

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