SaunaSpace Near Infrared Saunas

“As our biochemical and bioluminescent state is degraded by toxins and stress, worsening health becomes disease. The key to our natural regeneration lies within our cells, and Natural Thermal Light kindles it.”

- Brian Richards, SaunaSpace Founder

We firmly believe that SaunaSpace make the best near infrared saunas on the market today, which is why we’re so excited to bring you their Faraday and Luminati models in the Conscious Spaces shop. But don’t just take our word for it; read on to learn more about the people and the science behind these transformative products.

Who built the brand?

SaunaSpace was founded by Brian Richards in 2010.

Fed up with suffering with acne, insomnia and adrenal fatigue, Brian was ready to try something new. Based on a recommendation from an alternative healing programme, he began searching out a near infrared (NIr) sauna.

When that search proved frustratingly fruitless (apart from a few eye-wateringly expensive and cumbersome wooden box designs), Brian decided to take matters into his own hands. Keen to see if he could benefit from the reported restorative powers of NIr therapy, he set about building a DIY, at-home NIr lamp. Rudimentary as it was, within days of using his new makeshift NIr sauna, Brian felt transformed. His insomnia vanished, his skin cleared and his adrenal fatigue disappeared; and yet more than all this, he felt as if a fog had lifted – his energy was boosted and remarkably, he found he was able to think more clearly.

Spurred on by such incredible results, Brian dedicated the following years to researching, designing and creating a consumer-grade, elegant, easy-to-use and eminently affordable NIr sauna – and so, SaunaSpace was born.

The science behind the product:

To understand how near infrared light therapy works, first you need to understand how light is processed by the cells in our bodies.

Light is absorbed (1) by the photo receptors in human cells. Once absorbed, our cells use this light energy to kick-start a number of metabolic processes within the body - thereby promoting cellular regeneration and our all-important anti-aging systems.

But studies have shown (2) that to activate this mitochondrial cellular regeneration (and the many benefits that come with it) you need a particular type – or range - of light; known as the ‘mitochondrial stimulation band’, or ‘healing band’. Only 600-950nm wavelengths of light have been found to stimulate the cellular mitochondrial light receptor enzyme, cytochrome-c oxidase. This so-called ‘healing band’ therefore encompasses both red light (600-700nm) and a portion of near infrared light (700-1500nm).

When light from within this band of wavelengths is absorbed by the cells of the human body, the cell responds by increasing ATP production and releasing Nitric Oxide - both of which work to generate large-scale, systemic health benefits.

Some of the observed cellular effects of stimulating human cells with 600-950 nm light include:

  • Increased Cellular Metabolism
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Increased Tissue Oxygenation
  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Production of Inflammatory Mediators that Reduce Cellular Inflammation
  • Production of Growth Factors that assist Cellular Regeneration
  • Increased Cellular and Tissular Growth
  • Activation of Anti-Aging Systems

SaunaSpace NIr saunas work by heating the body radiantly, from within. Using ultra Low-EMF Incandescent Near Infrared (NIR-A) Bulbs, SaunaSpace products offer the ultimate natural thermal light therapy.

SaunaSpace incandescent heat lamps don’t produce as much ambient heat as a far-infrared emitter, and don’t get as hot as a far-infrared or traditional steam sauna. This is because they don’t have to. The benefits of NIr sauna therapy don’t come from raising the temperature of the air; they come from raising the core temperature of the body super efficiently – using radiant, deep-tissue penetrating wavelengths.

An ever-expanding body of scientific study now supports the use of near infrared light to treat and prevent many diseases, injuries, and other physical and mental health conditions. (3)

What makes SaunaSpace products unique?

Natural, non-toxic materials

SaunaSpace use natural, non-toxic, untreated materials in the construction of their saunas. That means no plastics, no paints, no glues, no varnishes – in fact, no chemicals full stop; just solid wood, cotton canvas, bamboo and pure stainless steel. So, when you’re using a SaunaSpace sauna, you can rest assured that you’re 100% protected from any of the toxic micro particles or chemical ‘off-gassing’ associated with so much of the low-quality manufacturing on the market today.

Ultimate convenience

With a SaunaSpace sauna, you get to enjoy all the benefits of natural thermal light therapy from the comfort of your own home. Bask in its radiant warmth as often as you like, and relish being able to hop into your own shower at the end of each session.

Portability is not something people usually associate with a sauna, and yet each component of a SaunaSpace sauna – from the wooden stool to the canvas cover – is lightweight and easy to lift, meaning the whole thing can be set up in minutes, and with barely any tools (you might need a screwdriver to attach a door on some models...but that’s all). Moving house? No problem, simply pack up your SaunaSpace sauna and carry it with you. A SaunaSpace sauna can be installed in almost any indoor location you choose.

No stress from EMFs

SaunaSpace recognise the very real concern of EMF stress, and so have carefully designed each and every one of their products to aim for zero electromagnetic radiation. Following the highest standard of EMF protection (Geovitals Standards), SaunaSpace saunas are tested using the Geovitals EM Field Probe (4) – an exquisitely sensitive electric and magnetic field meter that features specialised gold-plated sensors.

Premium quality

With a SaunaSpace sauna, you get the reassurance of hand-made quality coupled with American standard manufacturing. Timeless craftsmanship ensures every part of your product is flawless and will last a lifetime. In fact, SaunaSpace are so sure of the superiority of their products that they offer a 100-day risk-free trial.

Here’s just some of the health benefits associated with SaunaSpace saunas:

  • Skin purification and rejuvenation
  • Accelarated wound healing and tissue repair
  • Increased fat burning and decreased cellulite
  • Faster muscle recovery and improved athletic performance
  • Boosted immunity
  • Superior relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Detoxification of chemicals and metals that can build up in your body