Dartsch Scientific Study - Beneficial effects of water after enrichment with electrons by Qi-Home Cell – Investigations with cultured cells

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This study has been undertaken by the German organisation Dartsch Scientific GmbH - Institute for Cell Biology testing.

Qi-Home Cell & water quality

The test device was a Qi-Home Cell which uses the same technology as the Qi-Shield (smaller than the Qi-Home Cell) and Qi-Business Cell (larger than the Qi-Home Cell).

A study confirms that Qi water produced by placing a glass of water within 100mm of the device possesses a dose-dependent antioxidative effect against exogenous free oxygen radicals and a dose-independent effect against an excess of endogenously generated radicals as found in inflammatory processes.

Therefore, the regular drinking of Qi water can be highly recommended for the improvement and maintenance of well-being.

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