Satic Pure Power Plug-In Dirty Electricity Filter


The Pure Power Plug-In dirty electricity filter cleans your electrical service, reduces energy consumption and provides protection from the harmful effects of dirty electricity.

Why Satic Pure Power Plug-In?

The Satic Pure Power Plug-In is a simple, plug-and-play solution that plugs into a standard outlet and filters harmonics and interference from your electrical circuit to provide clean power and reduce electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation.

Plugging directly into any three-prong electrical outlet (via a US-UK adapter in the UK), it conditions every device plugged into that circuit so that electronics and appliances on that circuit run cooler and smoother, and last longer.

Satic Pure Power Plug-In product features

EMF Reduction

The Pure Power Plug-In reduces the strength of man-made electromagnetic fields for a safer and healthier environment.

Harmonics Filtration

The Pure Power Plug-In smooths the current, providing cleaner, more efficient, power to the electrical circuit.

Voltage Regulation

All outlets on the same electrical circuit as the Pure Power Plug-In are surge protected.

Dirty Electricity Elimination

By protecting against nano-surges, the Pure Power Plug-In ensures picture-perfect TV and computer displays, and pitch-perfect audio.

Phase Correction

Benefit from increased energy efficiency and performance alongside cooler technological equipment with a longer lifespan.

Convenience plug

An extra (US) outlet is provided on the front of the unit so that you don’t lose the outlet space.

Satic Pure Power Plug-In product summary

  • Reduce electromagnetic fields (EMF)
  • Filter and clean dirty electricity
  • Protect & prolong lifespan of electrical equipment
  • Increase electrical efficiency
  • Reduce electrical consumption
What is dirty electricity and harmonic distortion?

Dirty electricity is a form of electromagnetic pollution or radiation. Also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) or electrical noise, the name ‘dirty electricity’ originates from the term ‘dirty power’ used by the industry to describe the high frequency voltage transients caused by interruptions in the electrical current flow from connected electrical equipment, which can damage equipment. The deviations from the 50/60 Hz sine wave are generally in the lower radio frequent (RF) spectrum and, as such, it would be more correct to refer to ‘electromagnetic fields generated by RF transients’ or ‘high frequency voltage transients’. As it describes the distortion of the sinusoidal waveform, it is also referred to as harmonic distortion - this creates unusable reactive energy and reduces the efficiency of your electrical circuit.

Where should I plug in the Pure Power Plug-In?

You can plug this into any wall outlet, but the greatest benefit can be found in areas with the inductive loads, such as the utility room (washer/dryer), kitchen (appliances/fridge) or living room (audio-visual equipment).

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