We Are Probiotic

Probiotic Air and Fabric Freshener Refill 3-Pack


Clean your environment the natural and organic way, with trillions of beneficial probiotics in this Probiotic refill pack.

A pack of 3 x refill sachets for the Pro-Go Personal Atomiser.

Ingredients: 100% NATURAL

We Are Probiotic microbes are hand brewed and fermented with lactobicilli, photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts and organic malt.

Instructions: Pour the contents of one sachet into the 300 ml mixing bottle (included) and fill with purified water. Gently mix the contents by turning the bottle upside down a few times. Pour contents into refill section of the Pro-Go Personal Atomiser. The mixing bottle comes with a spray nozzle so you can also spray this directly on to any surface you wish to clean.


Are there any special storage instructions?

The sachets are best kept in a cool, dry cupboard until you’re ready to use them. Once you’ve mixed them in the bottle, they are safe enough to be left out on display on your kitchen surface or in your bathroom. Do not store in a cold fridge, or in a hot place. Room temperature is best.

What is the shelf life?

The sell-by date is shown on the sachet packaging. Once you have opened the sachet and mixed them with water, we recommend using them within two months.

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