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Hextio air filter destroys all air pollutants including viruses, bacteria and traffic pollution with its advanced air sterilisation technology


Hextio brings consumers - Viruskiller™, the highest certified clean air technology in the world, in a small and affordable package. Perfect for your home environment.

Coronavirus vs. Hextio

Respiratory viruses are killed by Hextio’s reactor chamber. The patented, core technology has been tested against Coronavirus DF2, Adenovirus, Influenzavirus and Poliovirus. The results show a 99.99999% kill rate on a single air pass.

Global air quality is steadily on the decline, the particles are smaller and the results are deadlier. The days when an air filter with fan and filters worked are long gone. We need cutting edge technologies like Hextio Viruskiller™ to kill respiratory viruses. 

Hextio brings cutting edge technology from the high-end medical world, to your home

Hextio kills respiratory viruses and:

  • It prevents airborne contamination so that infectious diseases don’t spread from one person to another.
  • It removes contaminants from the air so that allergens and viruses don’t drift into your home.
  • It helps control allergies and asthma so that your immune system develops a stronger response to viruses and contamination.

Get rid of pathogens

Hextio detects high levels of pollution and automatically switches to turbo mode until the air is safe to breathe again. No need for any action by you.

No ozone

There is no ozone being generated by Hextio. The UVC lamp is certified to work ozone-free for its entire recommended life. No negative side effects.

Neutralise toxic air

Neutralise toxic gases, VOCs, NOx and other harmful substances from the air, that can’t be stopped in filters. Perfect for young children and the elderly who are more susceptible to respiratory issues.

Energy Efficient

Hextio only uses 15W of power, so you can even use it with a 12V output powerbank. Great for mobile use.


Directional Airflow Hood

Surround yourself with a clean air cloud, regardless where you are and how big of a room you are in. Direct the air towards you and displace polluted air.
View Directional Airflow Hood.

Portable with the Travel Pack

If you need Hextio on the go, grab the travel pack and stay safe anywhere you go. Great for those busy people constantly on the move.
View Travel Pack

Hextio Specifications

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions (mm) 330 H x 106 D x 126 W
Noise 40 – 49 dB
Room Size
20 sqm
Airflow 12-20 CFM
Max Electricity 15W
UVC lamps 1
TiO2 Hexagon filters 10
Reactor Cell Lifespan 8000 hours
Installation Free standing
Accessories Remote Control, Directional Airflow Hood, Use Anywhere Bag
Certification CE / We Share Clean Air


Whats the difference between Hextio and a HEPA filter?

Hepa filters are great at catching particles like dust, pollen and dander but are not efficient at catching VOC's and Toxic Gas, Viruses and Bacteria, Tiny Mold and Funghi Spores which form a lot of indoor air pollution. Hextio does not catch pollutants - it neutralises them by breaking the molecules and the advancement in the hextio technology means that it is very effective at destroying air pollutants.

How much area does it cover?

The recommended maximum area for hextio is 20 square metres. If your area is larger than than you need more than one. There is no minimum coverage areas.

Where should I position the Hextio?

Hextio can be surface stood and as it is a vertical unit - it takes up very little space.
Hextio can also be wall mounted, it comes with an easy to install wall bracket so you can hang it where you want it.

How long does the reactor cell last?

The reactor cell needs changing every 8000 hours (at 12 hours per day that is every two years) and hextio will alert you when 8000 hours have been used.

How long do the carbon filters last?

The carbon filter will last for 6 months and hextio comes with a spare so you are covered for 12 months

What is the cost of consumables?

The reactor cell is RRP £59. The carbon filters will be RRP £11 for a pack of two.

How much energy does it consume?

A super low 15 Watts - making is efficient and environmentally friendly to operate

What about odor?

Hextio is very effective at neutralising odors - they are air pollutants after all.

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