EMF protection bed canopy set

This 5G / Wi-Fi / EMF protection bed canopy set, with grounding mat and grounding cables provides superb EMF protection while you sleep. The easy-to-assemble frame is available in metal or wood.

Why choose Conscious Spaces EMF protection bed canopy set?

Conscious Spaces has packaged the best devices and materials available today into one easy-to-assemble set, with clear setup instructions. 

The four-poster bed canopy is available for single, double and super king bed sizes, and uses 5G-protection, breathable fabrics, combined with a shielding grounding mat and grounding plates and cables to provide an optimal shielded environment for sleep.

High frequency radio waves (WLAN, mobile radio, LTE etc) that hit the canopy are reflected, while low frequency AC currents are diverted by the earthed connection. Importantly, the Powerline filter is required to remove any ‘contaminants’ on the grounded cable, which may otherwise turn the canopy into an antenna.

EMF protection bed canopy set features

BlocSilver 5G protection fabric

BlocSilver EMF protective fabrics protect against high frequency radio waves and the current 5G signal as well as predicted increased 5G frequencies.

EMF / RF Protective Bed Mat

This innovative fabric possesses shielding qualities second to none, removing dangerous night-time body voltage from your sleeping environment.

Powerline PLC HF Filter Grounding Kit

The grounding plates connect to the fabric canopy and bed mat, and are in turn connected together through the grounding cables so that the whole element can be grounded as one entity, diverting low frequencies away.

The Powerline PLC Filter removes high frequencies on the grounding cable as well as powerline communications (such as those generated by a smart meter or in cases where the data signal from a modem is put on to the power supply). Without this filter, a grounded canopy may become a mobile communications antenna. By routing the grounding cable through the filter, the cable running from the filter to the canopy is super clean so that the grounded canopy protects those inside from both high and low frequency electrosmog.

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