Personal Protection

Protect your precious health – or that of a loved one – with this considered edit of Conscious Spaces essentials for personal wellbeing.

Take the time to nurture and support personal wellbeing with this trailblazing trio of our most popular products. Complete with all the essentials you need to feel safe and healthy at home or on the go, the Personal Protection gift set targets sleep-disrupting blue light, harmful electromagnetic fields and polluted air and surfaces. Keep these products handy in your pocket, bag or car to keep germs, EMFs and blue light at bay when you’re on the move. Consider it the ultimate personal care package.

Bundle includes:

Qi-Me™ Personal WIFI / EMF Protection

Shield yourself from the effects of the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by your phone, laptop, Wi-Fi router and smart tech with the portable Qi-Me EMF protection device. Ideal for carrying around with you, keeping on a desk or by your bed, the Qi-Me offers a 1M EMF protection radius.


Pro-Go Personal Atomiser

Pro-Go Personal Atomiser

Minimise allergens and boost air and surface hygiene with this handy probiotic atomiser. An innovative portable cleaning product that releases an invisible mist of live microorganisms, the Pro-Go Personal Atomiser feeds on organic matter such as dust, dirt, mould and pollen, leaving the surrounding air and surfaces cleaner and healthier.


Swannies - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Swannies - Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Beat the headaches and eyestrain that come from staring at a screen with a stylish pair of Swannies blue-light-blocking glasses. Designed to protect your eyes from blue light, they boast anti-reflective and anti-glare lens coating to help prevent macular degeneration and insomnia, too. Choose from day or night Swannies in Cat Eye or Classic frames styles with your favourite colour.


Why we love the Personal Protection package:

“I love how portable and convenient every item in this kit is. It’s a collection of my go-to essentials to protect my daily wellbeing – supportive and reassuring. I like to sleep with the Qi-Me by my bed for a more rejuvenating rest and to shield my sleeping body from electromagnetic radiation. The Pro-go atomiser gives a real boost to my environment, revitalising the air around me by giving it a boost of good microbes. It’s great for taking on public transport too for an extra layer of reassurance. The Swannies glasses are an absolute lifesaver. Gone is the horrible fatigue, grogginess and headaches from sitting in front of a screen, and in its place, I have better focus, clarity and sleep quality.”

– Tara Williams, Founder of Conscious Spaces



PLEASE NOTE: Due to demand and restocking delays caused by Covid-19, product from this bundle will be shipped as and when stock of each item arrives.

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