BlocFilm™ Silver 20 EMF Protection Window Film


BlocFilm™ Silver 20 is a mirrored effect anti-radiation window film that provides shielding against Cell Towers, Wifi, EMFs and RFID.

NOTE: This EMF shielding film is sold in units of 1.52m (5') x 1.52m (5') lengths.

Why BlocFilm™ Silver 20?

BlocFilm™ Silver EMF protection window shielding provides EMF shielding from mobile phone masts and modern wireless technologies. It also provides heat retention in the winter and cooling in the summer due to its solar reduction. It creates a mirror effect providing privacy for you and your family. It is easy to fit and comes with a 10 year warranty if fitted by a professional installer.

What to use it for

Suitable for domestic and windows this film offers a good amount of shielding from cell phone radiation, wifi and RDIF. If you can hang wallpaper you should be able to fit this EMF protection window film.

BlocFilm™ Silver 20 EMF Shielding Graph

BlocFilm Silver 20 EMF Shielding Graph

Product Description Summary



Fabric name

BlocFilm™ Silver 20




Wipe clean only

Sales Unit

Cost per Unit

Material Unit

152cm (5') x 152cm (5')

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