BetterAir Probiotic Travel Spray

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The on-the–go probiotic travel spray is your perfect accessory for protecting your personal space 

Pollutants thrive in enclosed spaces and are most common in public spaces such as planes, trains and cars. 

Mist 2-3 sprays of the natural microbial protection spray on yourself and your surroundings to create a microflora of good bacteria protecting you from resident pathogens and eliminating odours.

It also works on other heavily-used items such as gym bags, lockers, shoes. 

When sweat and bacteria mix it causes odour. The natural microbial protection spray minimises these odour-causing bacteria by consuming their food resources, which leads to fewer bacteria. That’s less odour, and less odour-causing bacteria. 

The spray is 75ml which is TSA compliant for use on flights.

Better Air Probiotic Spray

Improve your quality of life by bringing balance to living and work spaces by replenishing them with natural microbial protection known as Enviro Biotics.

There are many ways to use the BetterAir probiotic travel spray to help keep allergies, asthma and bugs at bay.


Dust mites are one of the major indoor triggers for people with allergies and asthma. BetterAir Enviro Biotics restore the ecological balance indoors by depleting the resource necessary for germs to survive. 

The average mattress doubles in weight after 10 years due to accumulated dust mites and their fecal matter, both of which cause allergies and could cause you to sneeze at night.

BetterAir probiotics consume dust mite fecal matter and the dead skin cells dust mites eat, minimizing their presence while eliminating allergens.


Salmonella and E.Coli can be found in more than 45% of kitchen sinks, and cutting boards can carry 200 times more bacteria than bathroom floors. 

BetterAir probiotics penetrate these surfaces and consume the resources these pathogenic bacteria need to multiply.


15% of the population are allergic to animal dander.

BetterAir Enviro Biotics consumes organic matters such as dust mite waste, pet dander, pollen and shed human skin cells which can help alleviate allergies.


Keyboards are 20,000 times dirtier than toilet seats. 

Use the spray in your work to help remove bacteria from surfaces around your desk and work area.


1 in 4 people suffer from asthma and allergies.

BetterAir Enviro Biotics eliminate triggers that cause allergies! Use wherever you are to protect your environment.

Product Research

BetterAir have spent seven years in intense research, testing and development to create the world's first air and surface purifier to harness the power environmental probiotics, rebalancing our homes natural biome to work in rhythm with our lives.

Humanity is best served when we work with nature - not against it.

Key Features

  • Ideal travel size - perfect for purified air on the move!
  • 100% chemical free
  • Natural & fragrance free
  • Only 2-3 sprays required
  • 2 sturdy cleaning brushes
  • Reduces bad odours
  • Capacity: 75ml


What makes BetterAir's products different from other products?

BetterAir® is the innovator of the world’s first and only probiotic air, surface and object purification systems, pioneering a way to apply probiotics into the environment to bring balance to indoor living and work places.

Conventional purification and cleaning methods indiscriminately kill all bacteria- harmful and beneficial alike, causing an imbalanced, sterile environment in which pathogens have the capacity to mutate into resilient superbugs and dominate the environment.

Alternatively, BetterAir Environmental Probiotics compete for and deplete the food resources that allergens, pathogens and mould require in order to multiply and propagate, reducing their presence and help in the elimination and prevention of noxious odours due to microbial contamination.

What are BetterAir’s Enviro-Biotics® and where do they come from?

BetterAir’s Enviro-Biotics® are a proprietary blend of multiple strains of naturally occurring probiotics (found in the soil and on plants) that are cultured (grown in a natural nutrient substance) under ISO 9001 certified laboratory conditions and then suspended in water.

They convert to the spore (hibernation) form when denied air and nutrients.

Once diffused into the air they come to rest upon surfaces and penetrate objects where they germinate into living organisms (air and nutrients are available) and begin to consume organic allergens and all the food sources required by the pathogenic bacteria in order to multiply and propagate.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are naturally occurring organisms found in nature and within your body and are defined as beneficial bacteria that within your body contribute to a person’s overall well being by controlling up to 80% of our immune system. 

A diverse microflora of bacteria within ones intestinal system is critical to a healthy immune system.  They are commonly found in foods such as yogurts, fermented vegetables and are consumed daily as dietary supplements.

Learn more about the benefits of probiotics at

How do BetterAir® Environmental Probiotics work?

BetterAir's patented technology repetitively releases microscopic sized Environmental Probiotics known as Bacillus ferment.

Billions of micron-sized probiotics form a protective layer of microflora which coat and shield surfaces and objects, resulting in a healthy microbiome.

BetterAir's Environmental Probiotics also deplete the resources that allergens, pathogens and mold thrive on creating an environment that is abundant in good bacteria and minimises the pathogens resulting in an environment where your immune system is not over-whelmed by contact with pathogenic organisms.

Are BetterAir® products safe for humans, pets and animals?

BetterAir's Enviro-Biotics™ (their probiotics blend) have undergone and passed all the required safety tests in complete accordance with EPA standards at their labs and have been certified by 3rd party GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) labs.

Due to their naturally occurring biological nature, all BetterAir® products are safe for human, pet and animal contact.

They are also environmentally friendly, 100% natural and organic and biodegradable.

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