BetterAir - The power of probiotics

“We already use probiotics to rebalance our digestive system, BetterAir uses probiotics to rebalance our indoor eco system.”


Explore the science behind BetterAir and transform the way you clean your home and purify the air you breathe.

The power of probiotics 

Probiotics (1) are naturally occurring, live organisms – often endearingly referred to as ‘friendly’ or ‘good’ bacteria thanks to the health benefits they bring. Found in yoghurts and fermented foods (think anything pickled), probiotics can help restore the natural balance of bacteria within the gut, which is sometimes thrown off kilter when we get ill or have to take medication like antibiotics. 

A well-balanced gut, populated with a diverse array of good bacteria, has been linked to (2) a long list of health benefits, from boosted immunity to reduced allergies and improved mental wellbeing.

How does the BetterAir work

Creating an indoor environment rich in beneficial bacteria

With their revolutionary range of products, air purification experts BetterAir (3) take this same science of balancing bad bacteria with good, and apply it to our indoor environments. 

By repeatedly releasing an ultra-fine mist of millions of microscopic probiotics into the atmosphere, BetterAir’s patented air purifiers create (4) an invisible yet powerfully protective layer of microflora – targeting germs and contaminants found in the air and on surfaces; reaching even the most difficult-to-clean areas of your home. 

BetterAir targets impurities at their source

“80% of all disease is communicated by touch, only 20% through the air.” –

When we think of pollutants and allergens, it can be easy to get hung up on what nasties might be floating in the air – when the real culprits are often (5) the objects and surfaces that we touch. Everyday household items -  keyboards, door handles, tables, rugs, toys, chairs – are all prime breeding grounds for germs and irritants. 

Whilst conventional air filters are essentially reactive – only targeting pollutants that are already suspended in the air, BetterAir’s innovative purifying systems are proactive; (6) using probiotics to attack impurities at their source before they become airborne. 

As BetterAir puts it, “you cannot have clean air without clean surfaces”.

Killing the bad bacteria but protecting the good

Many conventional cleaning methods, like bleaches and disinfectant sprays, indiscriminately kill all bacteria (7) in their path - harmful and beneficial alike. Such an ‘all or nothing’ approach promotes an imbalanced, artificially sterile environment that could even increase the risk of pathogens evolving resistance (8) and eventually mutating into superbugs.

To support optimum wellbeing, your environment should always harbour a greater number of good bacteria than bad. 

Whilst BetterAir products work to eliminate harmful germs and allergens, they simultaneously create a state of ecological equilibrium by repopulating the atmosphere with beneficial probiotics.  

What makes BetterAir products unique?

As makers of the world’s first and only probiotic air purifier, BetterAir are true pioneers in their field.

If you look at any other air purification product available on the market today, you’ll notice they fall into one of three main categories; those that filter the air, those that blast the air with ultraviolet light and those that use chemicals to mask odours or kill germs. Traditional home cleaning products like bleach or disinfectants are similarly packed with toxins.

BetterAir takes a different approach. (9) Rather than fighting against nature, BetterAir’s range of products work with it. With a little help from nature’s very own, self-grown biome protectors (otherwise known as probiotics), BetterAir strives to create the healthiest indoor environment possible, in a totally natural way. 

In fact, the friendly probiotic bacteria that BetterAir deploys are “derived entirely from naturally occurring organisms that live in soil and plants”, meaning they are 100% safe for the whole family – pets included. 

Nourishing your indoor environments with BetterAir allows you to:

  • Protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria found on everyday objects and surfaces

  • Purify and cleanse the air in your home or workplace

  • Eliminate allergens like pollen, mold spores and pet dander that can trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma

  • Be kind to your body, with 100% organic and naturally derived probiotics

  • Control unpleasant odours within the home

  • Complement your interior thanks to Betterair’s discreet product design 

What do the experts say?

“The product is safe and easy to use. The encouraging results of the pilot study I conducted, where 30 patients with Allergic Rhinitis (Asthma) have been treated with BetterAir for 12 weeks and improvement had been observed on 53% of the patients, justify a larger study of BetterAir solutions as alternative source for remedial treatment for Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis and Dust mites”

Zev M. Sthoeger (10)


“Together with many colleagues and a substantial part of the international health care research & providers’ community, I feel concerned about the increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi in our environment. The rapid development and spread of antibiotic resistant microorganisms is especially alarming in nursing homes and hospitals. We are observing how “super bugs” infect and kill hundreds of thousands every year. With the immune-compromised constituting particularly a high-risk group, we frequently stand helpless when even applying next generation antibiotics without success. When BetterAir introduced their technologies to me about 3 years ago, I have found their concepts and problem-solving approach highly interesting. In the laboratory, the formation of a natural inhibition zone by some Bacillus strains against a pathogen indicates some form of antimicrobial activity that may be applied for controlling of detrimental microbes in the environment and/or within a specific ecosystem. By controlled application of such a carefully elected antimicrobial agent (bacterial strain) the need for use of chemicals and antibiotics may be reduced.”

Professor Wilhelm H Holzapfel (11)




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